Halaxy Release Notes

August 2023

  • Care team: Add your patient's care team to their profile so you can easily get in touch with them. Learn more.

  • Clinical goals: Enable goals for tracked data on the clinical dashboard. You can set a global goal for all patients, or an individual goal for each patient.

  • Sell packages online: Enable packages to be available for online purchase in your directory profile. (Note: Online bookings must be enabled to use this feature.)

  • SMS intake form: Manually send patient intake forms via SMS.

  • SMS payment link: Manually send secure payment links for invoices via SMS. (Available only for invoices billed to patients.)

  • Whole day billing: If you use automatic daily payments processing, there is an added option to process payments for all pre-scheduled appointments between 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. (For example, if your automatic daily processing time is at 9:00 AM, you'll also process payments for the day's appointments pre-scheduled for past 9:00 AM, up until 11:59 PM. However, if a patient walks in that same day at 2:00 PM, their payment will be processed the following day.)

  • Early billing: As part of the whole day billing (previous item), you can also opt to charge payees in advance for their appointments - up to 3 days prior - to reduce no-shows.

  • Practitioner address privacy: Added option to hide your complete address in practitioner directory profile preferences.

  • Organisation files: Upload file attachments to organisation profiles.

  • New access settings: Settings added to user access to enable/disable users in processing electronic payments (Auto Payments and Paypal) and refunds.

July 2023

New releases

  • Admin notes: Add non-clinical notes to a patient’s profile to log contact with patients, such as follow-up calls or ad-hoc discussions. Learn more

  • Snippets: Create reusable content - such as text, images, links - that you can insert quickly into clinical notes and clinical templates. Learn more

  • Events: Create an activity or note for yourself that you can pin to a day in your calendar, without blocking a specific timeslot. Learn more

  • Calendar for Administrators: Administrators can now set their own work hours and mark timeslots for duties or personal appointments. Learn more

  • Custom drugs: Can’t find a drug on the PBS or Private database? Create it as a custom drug, available for prescribing practitioners in your practice group. Learn more

Feature updates


Calendar & Appointments

  • Add to Calendar: Attach an Add to Calendar link for appointment reminders or booking confirmations emails via dynamic term. Learn more

  • Online booking label: When you hover over a calendar appointment, the preview indicates if appointment was booked online and includes a timestamp.

  • Patient name format: A new option for patient name format - First Name + Last Name - is added to calendar preferences.

  • Appointment type level setting: Assign specific locations or practitioners when creating new appointment types.

Patient Profiles

  • Patient profile photo: Identify your patients and keep track of them by uploading a profile photo to their patient profile. Learn more

  • Multiple patient alerts: Users can add up to 3 alerts for each patient profile. Learn more

  • Custom patient types (veterinarians only): Manage animal types for your patient profiles, customised to your veterinary practice. Learn more


Online Bookings

  • Specialised intake forms: Automatically send different intake forms for specific fees or appointment types to patients after completing an online booking.

  • Terms and conditions: Add your own terms and conditions and require patients to agree for online bookings, available in online booking preferences.

  • Request date of birth: Add a date of birth field in the online booking form, available in online booking preferences.


  • Direct communication: Send an email or SMS to professional contacts and organisations from their profile. Learn more

  • Message history: View email or SMS communication history with professional contacts and organisations. Learn more


  • Auto clinical note versioning: Automatically save different versions of clinical notes whenever they are edited. Learn more

  • Manual total score for clinical tools: Enable a manual final score for your clinical tool if you are performing calculations externally.


  • Pro-rata rounding: Enable automatic rounding for pro-rata fee calculation. Learn more

  • Preset fee updates: If you are using preset fees, don’t forget to import updates for this new financial year for the following preset fees:

    • Medicare

    • DVA

    • NDIS

    • WorkCover QLD

    • WorkSafe VIC

    • TAC

    • Open Arms

    • BUPA ADF


  • Patient communication: To prevent spam and fraudulent activity, sending SMS and emails to patients are now restricted to verified profiles.

  • Google Analytics 4: GA4 property ID tags are now supported for tracking your practitioner and location profiles with Google tags.

  • Profile redesign: We’ve launched a fresh redesign for practitioner profiles in the Halaxy directory.


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