View message history for contacts and organisations

This article relates to message history with professional contacts and organisations. For message history with patients, see this article: View message history for patients

Every email you send and SMS exchange with contacts and organisations via Halaxy is saved in the message history of their profile. This is a great way to keep a record of files, clinical notes, invoices, or any other files sent to a particular contact. 

Open message history for a contact or organisation

  1. Open the contact or organisation profile.

  2. Click the Icon-Mail.svg envelope icon (email) or Icon-Bubble.svg speech bubble icon (SMS) to open the message history.


    The message history icon in a professional contact's profile


    The message history icon in an organisation's profile

  3. In the pop-up, your message history appears.


Additional actions

  • Search and refine: At the top, use the search and filter options to refine the displayed results.

  • Print your email history: Click the Icon-Printer.svg printer icon to print your email history with the contact or organisation.

  • Print an individual email: On an individual email click the plus icon to expand it, then click the Icon-Printer.svg printer icon in it to print this specific email only.


Only your sent emails are stored in the message history because Halaxy does not have access to your email inbox.


Want to know the send status of your email or SMS? Run a communication report!

Message delivery status

See the table below for details of delivery statuses.


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