Guide to Communication reports

Create communication reports that track emails, reminders and SMS messages sent from your practice.

To run, save or view communication reports, click Reports > Communication in the sidebar.

Types of Communication reports

You can create the following reports under this category:

Report Type



View a list of your bulk SMS or email campaigns


View a list of all emails sent (and their send status) to patients, including invoices, reminders and one-off emails

(Note: Only outbound emails are included. Inbound emails are not included because Halaxy cannot access your inbox.)


View fax messages, number of pages sent and received via fax, and credit usage


View the reminders that have been sent or that are scheduled to be sent by email or SMS


View patient responses to SMS messages and the send status of your SMS messages sent via Halaxy, including reminders and once-off messages. Includes inbound and outbound SMS messages.

Run a Communication report

  1. On the sidebar, click Reports > Communication.

  2. On the top right, click New Report.

  3. Select the Report Type and set your filters.

  4. Click Run.

  5. Your report results are displayed in a list. From here, you can:

    • Edit filters: In the top right of the report, click the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon.

    • Save report: At the bottom of the report, click Save. This saves the report to its report category list.

    • Close report: At the bottom of the report, click Cancel. This closes the report without saving it.


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