Enable automatic patient intake forms for online bookings

If you have online bookings enabled, you can automatically provide an intake form for patients after they book an appointment online. This adds an intake form button in the booking confirmation page and an intake form link in the booking confirmation email.

Set and forget, and your intake forms will take care of themselves.

Video tutorial

Automatically include an intake form for online bookings

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. Under the section Patient Portal, next to Patient intake form, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon. (Note: Make sure you are clicking in the Patient Portal section - not the Clinical Settings section.)

  3. In the pop-up, under Online Booking, configure the following settings:

    • Automatic intake forms: Select Enabled.

    • Default patient intake form: Select the default intake form template to send automatically for online bookings. (This applies to all online bookings by default, except for fees and appointment types that have a linked intake form.) For a complete guide on how to create a patient intake form template, see this article: Set up patient intake forms

    • Individual intake form emails (optional): Select Enabled if you want to send a separate email to the patient specifically for the patient intake form. (If this setting is Disabled, the recipient only receives the intake form link in the booking confirmation page and the booking confirmation email.)

      • Communication template: Select the email template to use, which will contain the intake form link. (Note: The template you select must contain the dynamic term [Online Form Link] which displays in the email as the clickable link to the intake form.)

      • Send form: Select when you want to send this intake form email.

      • Intake form link label (optional): Enter your custom text on how you want the intake form link to appear in emails.

  4. Click Save.

Whenever a patient makes an online booking, they automatically receive the intake form link in the booking confirmation page and in the booking confirmation email (or in an additional email, if enabled). The link to the form expires after the time you specified in the intake form expiry period.


Do you need different patient intake forms depending on the service booked? You can link different intake form templates to specific fees or appointment types.


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