Add a pro rata (duration-based) fee


A pro rata fee calculates its total amount based on the appointment duration. This is useful for instances such as charging for travel or use of equipment.

Create a pro-rata fee

  1. Click Finances > Fees.

  2. On the top right, click New Fee.

  3. Enter the fee details as required. (Example: Equipment hire fee)

  4. Configure the following:


    Image: This pro rata fee charges $25 for every 30 minutes

    • Fee Type: Select Pro Rata.

    • Duration: Enter the number of minutes this pro rata fee will be charged. (Example: 30 minutes)

    • Pricing: Enter the price for this pro rata fee, to be charged for every time set in Duration. (Example: $25)

  5. Click Save Fee.

You have successfully added a pro rata fee.

With our example, if you add this pro rata fee to a 90 minute appointment, the pro rata fee automatically calculates to $75.

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