Guide to the Halaxy invoice

Your invoice is a summary of services you provide as a practitioner, billed to an individual, organisation or funding body, or a blend of the three. It also contains information on claim details, eligibility, outstanding fees, and payment status. Invoices are required to meet the requirements of funding bodies, process claims and rebates and track the financial performance of your practice.

With Halaxy, your invoices are automatically generated and formatted with all your required information, so you can focus on treating patients.

This article serves as your guide to navigating the Halaxy invoice and its features.



Your Halaxy invoice contains the following information:

  1. Invoice header

  2. Invoice settings

  3. Practitioner details

  4. Patient details, includes claim and referral details, and payer details (if invoice will be billed to someone other than the patient)

  5. Fees

  6. Payments

  7. Patient rebates

  8. Notes

Each section is explained in further detail below.


When printed or emailed, your invoices include headers and footers stored in your letterhead template, which you can customise anytime.

Invoice header


The invoice header displays:


Don't want to use the label "invoice"? You can change your invoice label by setting your invoice terminology.


If you prefer to use your own invoice numbering format, Halaxy allows custom invoice numbering.

Invoice settings

You can access the invoice settings by clicking on the Icon-Settings.svg Settings icon in the top right of your invoice. These settings allow you to make certain changes for this specific invoice.




Invoice Number

Appears in Halaxy’s default invoice numbering format but can be customised to your own practice needs.

Invoice Issuer

The biller of the invoice. By default, sets to the linked practitioner. Can be set to the business (i.e. linked location).


Sets the invoice to Active, Issued or Deleted (Setting the status to Issued will prevent other fees being merged with this invoice.)

Invoice Date

Sets to the appointment date by default. If there is no linked appointment, sets to the invoice creation date.

Due Date

The invoice is marked as overdue if not paid in full after this date. Related article: Set a due date for invoices

Letterhead Template

Sets the letterhead template to use for this invoice (This sets to the default letterhead template if you have not set one for the practice location related to this invoice.)


Sets this document as an invoice or a quote


Sets the invoice recipient to patient or organisation

Bill to Contact

Sets the invoice recipient to one of the patient’s emergency contacts (available only if Payer is set to patient). Related article: Change the default invoice payer to primary contact

Merge Invoices

Transfers outstanding fees from another invoice to this invoice (Caution: This action is irreversible as it deletes the invoices of the transferred fees.) Related article: Merge multiple or duplicate invoices


Invoice due dates are shown in financial reports such as invoice report and income report. Unpaid invoices reports can be filtered by whether an invoice is overdue or by how many days invoices are overdue.

Practitioner details


This section displays:

  • Your name

  • Your practice name

  • Your practice location

  • Your practice identification (provider, payee and/or registration numbers or equivalent)

  • Locations for appointments held outside your practice locations (such as home or organisation visits)

To make changes to this section, click the Edit link.

Patient details


This section displays:

  • Patient details - name (or preferred name), date of birth, address

  • Positive or negative account balance of patient (if applicable)

  • Claim and referral details (if applicable)

    • Patient claiming information

    • Claimant information - the claiming information of the person lodging the claim for this patient, such as a parent or guardian

    • Referring practitioner

    • Referral date

  • Navigation buttons to go to the previous or next invoice for this patient

  • Payer details - appears above patient details, only if the invoice is billed to someone other than the patient

To make changes to this section, click the Edit link.


The invoice automatically displays the patient’s claiming information for the funding body associated with the fee/s added in the invoice.


Editing details in this section will update information in the patient or organisation profile, which may also update multiple invoices.



Each invoice line displays:

  • Appointment date

  • Item code

  • Description - fee name and details

  • Tax charge (if applicable)

  • Total amount for the fee

You can modify this section using any of the following actions:

  • Icon-Edit.svg Edit: Changes invoice date, fee, fee amount, tax charge and rebate amount

  • Icon-Bin.svg Remove: Gives you additional options for how you want to remove the fee

    • Invoice the paying organisation for this fee

    • Void to hide the fee from the invoice

    • Delete the fee and completely remove it

    • Move the charge to another invoice

    • Write off invoice line as a bad debt

  • Add another fee: If you want to add another fee to this invoice

  • Icon-Merge.svg Merge: Transfers outstanding fees from another invoice into this invoice


Merging invoices cannot be undone as the invoices chosen in the Merge action are deleted.



Depending on the invoice fees and any available payment integrations you may have, this section displays different options for taking payments.

Payment Button


Process Payment*

Process Halaxy autopayments using the payment details stored in the patient profile (Funding tab)

Process Bulk Bill**

Process DVA**

Process claims directly with Medicare or DVA

Tyro Online**

Tyro Claim

Process payment and claims using private health insurance

Process NDIS**

Process TAC**

Process WorkSafe Victoria**

Process claims for these funding bodies using HICAPS Digital

Process Comcare

Process claims with Comcare

Process iCare**

Process claims with WorkCover NSW

Process WorkCover QLD**

Process claims directly with WorkCover QLD

Mark as Paid

Process payments made using methods outside of Halaxy – such as cash, EFTPOS, direct debit, etc.

*Has processing fees | ** Requires Halaxy credits


When you email your invoice, you can include a secure payments link that allows your patients to pay online.

Patient rebates


This section displays any rebates the patient is entitled to from the funding bodies indicated in the invoice fees.



You can add any notes to any invoice - such as further patient information or your bank account details - into this Notes section. Everything you add to this section appears on the invoice when printed or emailed.

To add notes, click the Icon-Edit.svg pencil icon or click directly into the note. For further customisation, you can format your content and personalise the information by using Dynamic Terms.

Additional options

In the top right corner of the invoice, you can find additional options for invoices.


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