Delete an invoice

You might need to delete an invoice at times, and you can quickly do this in different ways for different situations.


Once an invoice is deleted, it can no longer be recovered. Before you delete an invoice, check first if you can fix any issues by editing the invoice.

Delete an invoice

There are two ways to delete an invoice.

    1. Open the invoice.

    2. On the top-right, click Delete.

    1. Open the appointment linked to the invoice.

    2. Click the Icon-X.svg Cancel icon.

    3. In the Cancel / Delete Appointment pop-up, select either:

      • Cancel appointment and delete invoice: Removes the appointment from your calendar and deletes this invoice but keeps a record of the appointment on your records and in the patient’s profile.

      • Delete appointment: Removes the appointment from your calendar and deletes the associated invoice and clinical notes from your records and the patient’s profile.

    4. Click Save.

Delete a paid invoice

If you need to delete a paid invoice, you must first delete all payments on the invoice. This is only possible for offline payments, such as the options from the Mark as Paid button.

To delete a paid invoice, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the paid invoice.

  2. Under the Payments section, click the Icon-X.svg Delete icon next to the payment.

  3. In the pop-up, select Delete Payment.

  4. Click Save. (If there are multiple offline payments on the invoice, make sure to delete all of them.)

  5. Back in the invoice screen, on the top-right, click Delete.



You cannot delete payments processed through Halaxy or with a third-party provider. If you require assistance, please contact Halaxy.

Delete an invoice with claim history

You cannot delete an invoice with a Medicare claim history. However, you can unlink the fee from the appointment so you can delete the appointment. Then you can void the fee so that there is no balance outstanding.

To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the invoice.

  2. Next to the fee you wish to unlink, click the Edit icon Edit icon.

  3. In the Edit Invoice Line pop-up, next to the appointment date and time, click the Icon-X.svg Unlink icon. Then click Save.

  4. On the invoice, next to the fee you wish to remove, click the Icon-X.svg Delete icon.

  5. In the Remove Fee pop-up, select Void to hide the fee from the invoice.

  6. Click Save.

The fee is now hidden from the invoice and not included in the invoice balance. You can restore the fee to the invoice by unvoiding the fee.


Although the invoice fee is no longer linked to the appointment, you still need to delete the appointment from your calendar if you want to remove it.


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