Customise your invoice letterhead

While Halaxy provides a default letterhead template that applies to all clinical notes and invoices, you have the option to set up letterhead templates to be used for invoices for each practice location. This is useful if you prefer to use a different logo or message for different practices, or if you want your header and footer to be different from your clinical notes letterhead.

You can customise the content of the invoice letterhead to your specifications, such as adding a logo or bank details.


Halaxy automatically determines which letterhead template to use for your invoices based on the location you select and your practice hours.

Create an invoice letterhead template for a location

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. Next to Invoice Letterhead Template, click Add template.

  3. Under the section Invoice Template:

    • Template Name: Enter a name for your letterhead template.

    • Apply For: Select whether you want your new template to apply to all invoices or to future invoices only. (Note: This applies only to invoices for this location.)

  4. Use the editor to customise the letterhead header, footer, and notes. You can use Dynamic Terms to personalise the template. Click the Image button to add image files, such as a logo or signature. (Notes appear at the bottom of the invoice but above the footer.)


    An example of an invoice letterhead template displayed in a printed invoice

  5. To preview your letterhead template, click Preview at the bottom of the page.

  6. Click Save to save your invoice letterhead template.


Setting invoice letterheads for locations will override the content in your default letterhead template for your invoices.


To delete your invoice letterhead template and revert back to the default letterhead template, click Personal > Locations then click the Icon-Bin.svg Delete icon next to your invoice letterhead template name. You will need to do this for all your locations.


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