Guide to Halaxy credits


Halaxy credits are used for optional add-ons that help turbocharge your practice, saving you time and increasing your revenue. Credits gives you access to a wide range of features and are only deducted from your credit balance when you actually use these features, so they are never wasted.

You can purchase and transfer credits anytime.

Pricing for Halaxy credit packs

One Halaxy credit is AUD $0.22 but can be as little as AUD $0.15, depending on the band you purchase. Credits also never expire, so it pays to buy in bigger bulk.


Top-up amount

Price per credit


$0 to $99.99



$100 to $199.99



$200 to $399.99



$400 to $10,000


Prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST.


Credits are not refundable. However, they can be transferred to other users within your group.

List of add-on features

Halaxy credits can be used for the following optional add-ons:

Pay per usage



Credits Required

Patient Communication

SMS: reminders, once-off messages, campaigns

1 credit per SMS of 160 characters or less

(An SMS message with over 160 characters will require 1 credit for every 153 characters.)


1 credit per successful transaction

External Contact

Secure messaging with Argus and ReferralNet

3 credits per message


Video consultation

2 credits per 15 minutes per patient

Phone consultation

1 credit per minute per patient

Monthly subscription


Credits required

Personalised SMS services: dedicated SMS number and custom name for SMS messaging

50 credits per month

(Free for Silver and Gold bands)

Two-way calendar syncing

25 credits per month

Dedicated fax number

150 credits for new numbers

(See here for details on transferring and porting existing numbers.)

Data history services: User Action History and Auto Clinical Note Versioning

100 credits per month (groups with under 5 active users)

200 credits per month (groups with 5 or more active users)

View your Halaxy credit balance

To view your Halaxy credit balance, go to the Settings > Payments page.

You will find your credit balance for each user or the group in the Halaxy Credit Settings section. Your balance will automatically be shown when you use an add-on that requires credits.

The Halaxy Credit Settings section. Different cards are used for the group and each practitioner.
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