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When you send one-way SMS reminders to your patients, your default sender name appears as Halaxy. If you want to set this to your group practice or to a practitioner's name instead, you can set an SMS custom name. This can help improve appointment attendance rates in your practice.

An SMS custom name requires a monthly subscription and costs 50 credits per month. You can cancel your subscription any time.


Your SMS custom name is free if you reach the Silver, Gold or Platinum payment bands and remain within these bands.

Subscribe for an SMS custom sender name

  1. Click Settings > Reminders.

  2. Under the practice group setting or practitioner setting, for Custom Name, click Buy Name.

  3. In the pop-up, click Purchase. (Note: This button is labelled Activate if you are renewing a lapsed subscription.)


Your custom name subscription is now active and can now be edited.

Set your SMS custom name

  1. Click Settings > Reminders.

  2. Under the Preferences section, next to the group or practitioner name, click Edit.

  3. For SMS/Text ID, enter a name. (Note: SMS custom names have a maximum limit of 11 characters.)

  4. Click Save.

Your one-way SMS reminders now send using your set SMS custom name.

Cancel your SMS custom name subscription

  1. Click Settings > Reminders.

  2. Next to Custom Name, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

  3. In the Edit Subscription Settings pop-up, select one:

    • Cancel on expiry: End your subscription at the end of the current subscription month.

    • Cancel now: End your subscription immediately.

  4. Click Save.

Your subscription cancels according to your specifications. You can reactivate your subscription at any time.

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