Getting verified


When you sign up to Halaxy, you'll be able to use our core software straightaway. However, there are certain features that you will be unable to access until you get your profile verified.


Being a verified practitioner means that you can:

Adding your qualifications to your profile will speed up the verification process, allowing you to make the most of Halaxy more easily.

Requirements for profile verification

Add these details as you set up your practice on Halaxy:

  • Your registration number and registration body (if you are a member of a registered body)

  • The full name and physical address of the location you practice under

  • Your business registration number (if you have one)

  • Your website details

Once you have completed all the requirements, the Halaxy team will perform the verification process. When your profile is verified, you will be notified and your profile will display an Enabled label.


You can quickly add these details in your Profile page and Locations page.

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