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While healthcare can be complex, the Halaxy interface and workflow are easy to use. You can easily organise your practice and remove your administration, so you can get back up to an hour a day to focus on your patients.

This article explains how to navigate Halaxy and its available tools and features.


The sidebar

The Halaxy sidebar, located on the left side of your screen, is your main navigation menu.

Refer to this this table for what you can do and manage in each section.







Run comprehensive reports on every aspect of your practice, from finances to emails. You can also use reports to generate mailing lists for bulk messaging as campaigns.




Set your sidebar display preference

  • Minimise the sidebar

    To minimise the sidebar, click the Icon-Menu.svg three lines icon beside the logo.

  • Expand a minimised sidebar

    To expand a minimised sidebar, hover your mouse over the sidebar.

  • Permanently show the sidebar

    To permanently show the sidebar, expand the sidebar, then click the Icon-Menu.svg three lines icon again.


The search bar

The search bar appears at the top of every page in Halaxy and allows you to quickly search for patients, invoices, professional contacts, and organisations.


GIF: An example of searching for a patient using the Halaxy search bar

How it works:

  1. In the dropdown, select what you’re searching for, then start typing in the search bar. The 15 most relevant results will be displayed.

  2. Search results display in a convenient overlay with ready-to-go actions, allowing you to quickly contact patients, email invoices or jump to a relevant record.

For more information, see our article: Halaxy Search

The topbar controls


At the top right of every page in Halaxy, there is a control panel for these features.

  • Icon-Bubble.svg Inbound messages

    The inbound messages icon allows you to access inbound communications such as:

    • Fax messages

    • Secure messages from other practitioners

    • SMS messages from your patients

    • Patient responses to two-way SMS reminders

    How to use:

    • You can filter to display messages from up to 7 days ago.

    • To see messages older than 7 days, click Contacts > Fax Messages or Contacts > Secure Messages in the sidebar.

    • To see patient responses to SMS reminders older than 7 days, see Message History.


    You can configure how users in your practice group are alerted on inbound messages. For information on this, see our article: Manage notification settings.

  • Icon-Bell.svg Notifications

    The notification icon lets you quickly view updates to your practice and Halaxy system messages, including when:

    • A patient makes an online booking

    • Your patient has completed a patient intake form

    • Your Halaxy credits have been topped up

    • Your add-on subscription has renewed or failed

    • You have a task due.

    How to use:

    • Click the Icon-Bell.svg bell icon to see a summary of your latest notifications.

    • If a patient has completed a patient intake form, you can click on the patient’s name on the notification to view the intake form information.

    • Click Dismiss to remove the notification from this summary list.

    • Click See all notifications to view your notification history list.


    You can configure how users in your practice group receive notifications. For information on this, see our article: Manage notification settings.

  • Icon-Megaphone.svg Announcements

    The announcements icon lets you view announcements and updates from Halaxy. These announcements are also sent to you via email.

    • Click the Icon-Megaphone.svg megaphone icon to view a summary of the announcement with a link to read more.

    • Click Dismiss to remove the announcement from your announcements list.

  • Icon-Map-Pin.svg Group selection

    If you have joined more than one practice group, you can access each group through this group selection switch.

    Practice groups are considered separate entities in Halaxy and do not share information. By selecting your active practice group, you can switch between your groups and see the relevant calendars, invoices, and other information for each particular group.


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