Migrate your practice to Halaxy

If you're looking to migrate your practice records to Halaxy from another practice management software, we can provide migration services for you.

The time and cost of migration depend on the volume and complexity of the data you want to migrate. For an overview of how migrations work, Halaxy follows the process outlined in the table below.


Practices that avail of paid migration services also receive 500 free credits* to use on some of Halaxy's best features, such as SMS reminders, online claiming, telehealth, fax, and more.

*Ongoing until further notice

Overview of the data migration process




Practice provides information and requirements for data migration.


Halaxy reviews the data and requirements and provides a time and cost estimate for the migration.


Practice confirms the quote to proceed with migration.

  • Reply to Halaxy with approval of the provided quote

  • Add your credit card details in Halaxy for service payment

  • Add practitioner accounts to Halaxy for linking records (Note: You must enter their first name, last name and email address as they appear in your old system you are migrating from.)


Halaxy provides the migration timetable and charges the Practice full payment prior to commencing. If necessary, there may be a kickoff call or email.


Halaxy notifies Practice when migration is complete. If a paid service was availed, Practice is provided 500 free credits*.

*Ongoing until further notice

If you want to begin migrating your practice to Halaxy, the first step is to complete our data migration request form.

Upload your data files for migration

After completing the data migration request form, you must provide also provide your practice data files, which you can upload in your Halaxy account. (If you haven't yet, create your Halaxy account - it's free!)

  1. Export your data files from your old practice management software. (For assistance, contact the software’s service team.)

  2. Log in to Halaxy. On the sidebar, click Settings > General.

  3. Under the Data Import section, click Import Your Data.

  4. In the Import Data pop-up, click the link in the yellow box to upload your data files.

  5. In the next pop-up, click Upload Files and select the data files you want imported. Please note:

    • You may upload your data files in individual spreadsheets. Alternatively, you may also compile them into a .zip file, which you can upload here.

    • Recommended: When your files upload, add a description of the file's contents.

  6. Click Save.

Your files are uploaded and Halaxy is notified of your file upload. Our Data Migrations team will review your requirements and be in touch with you.


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