Customise your clinical note letterhead


Halaxy provides a default header and footer template that automatically applies to all clinical notes and invoices for all practitioners within a practice group. By default, the template includes your name, practice name, practice location, phone number and email address.

You can customise the content of the default letterhead to your specifications, such as adding a logo or bank details.


If you set up a separate invoice letterhead template for your location, the default letterhead will only be used for clinical notes.

Customise the default letterhead

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. Under the Clinical Settings section, next to Default letterhead template, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

  3. Use the editor to customise the letterhead header and footer. You can use Dynamic Terms to personalise the template.


    An example of a letterhead template displayed in a printed clinical note

  4. To preview your letterhead template, click Preview at the bottom of the page.

  5. Click Save.

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