Create a patient appointment

In Halaxy, you can run your entire practice just by making appointments in your calendar. Appointments are quickly created in just a few clicks, and any existing appointment can be edited or deleted just as quickly.


A basic patient appointment is comprised of three essential elements:

  • Date and time

  • Patient

  • Fee/s

Whenever you create an appointment with these three elements, you automatically generate an invoice, clinical notes and, if enabled, reminders for that appointment, as well as referrals and appointment tracking if required.

Add a new appointment

  1. On the calendar, click a timeslot on the date you want.

  2. In the Appointment Information panel, add a patient and a fee. (Note: You can create new patients and fees, or enter existing ones.)

  3. Click Save.

Your new appointment appears in the calendar with the patient’s name and contact number. You can click the appointment to open it and view its details.


You can add multiple patients and/or multiple fees to the same appointment by clicking Add Another Patient or Add Another Fee.

Edit an appointment

  1. On the calendar, click the appointment to open it.

  2. In the Appointment Information panel, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

  3. Make your changes as needed.

  4. Click Save.


If the type of appointment and fee changes before or during the appointment or before the invoice is paid, you can change the fees on the Appointment Details form at any time.

Appointment details

Aside from the patient and fee, there are other details you can specify when creating an appointment.




A label to mark the appointment according to whether it is confirmed, cancelled, rejected or any other status.


The amount of time allotted for the appointment. Appointment duration can be set per fee when creating fees, but you can also manually enter it when creating the appointment.

Appointment Type

A placeholder label for the appointment. For more details, see our guide to appointment types.


A list of available locations to set the appointment, based on your listed practice locations and hours. Location options can include:

  • Practice locations you can set up

  • Specific rooms in a location (if you added rooms rooms to a location)

  • The patient's or organisation's address (if listed on their profile) for home/site visits

  • Halaxy Telehealth and online consultations (if using Coviu or external telehealth platforms)

  • Other address (select to enter a new address)


(Optional) If you add equipment to a location, you can add it to the appointment so it will be reserved for your use at the time of the appointment.


Any quick practical notes for this appointment. (For example: Return this patient’s umbrella from the Lost and Found, or Patient requires wheelchair assistance.)

Adding fees to an appointment

To select a fee for the appointment, start typing a few letters of the fee or funding body in the Fees field. Fees already listed in your Fees List appear, in the following order:

  1. Preferred fees: Fees listed in your Fees List that have already been used in the patient's previous appointments with the latest fee listed first - the top five used for this patient are shown.

  2. Other fees in your Fees List: Fees listed in your Fees List that have not already been used in the patient's previous appointments.

  3. Importable fees: Fees that appear in the Halaxy fee database but not your Fees List.

  4. Add new fee: Click to add another fee to your Fees List that does not appear in Halaxy's fee database.

If the fee is not in your Fees List but is already listed in the Halaxy fee database, it is shown in grey and you can 'import' the fee to your own Fees List. To do so, select it from the list that appears and complete the Add Fee form that appears.

If the fee is not in your Fees List and not listed in the Halaxy fee database, select that you want to add the fee to your Fees List, and complete the fee details to add the fee to your Fees List.


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