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Halaxy integrates directly with the Coviu online video consultations platform so you can use telehealth to see and treat patients online. You can also use Halaxy Telehealth, our inbuilt video and phone consultation tool.

Coviu video sessions are embedded directly within the Halaxy interface, so you never have to leave your Halaxy calendar and do not need to log in to Coviu.

The Coviu platform is backed by the CSIRO, is secure and works with high-speed and low-speed internet connections. You and your patients do not need to download software to use Coviu.

Please click below to see a video on Coviu and our in-built tool, Halaxy Telehealth:

With Coviu integrated into your Halaxy, you can:

  • automatically create a link to the video session and share it with your patient just by creating appointments on your calendar;

  • process patient appointment fee payments automatically at the time of the appointment;

  • create invoices automatically; and

  • send SMS and email reminders

for online consultations in the same way as for traditional appointments.


To integrate with Halaxy, you must sign up for the Coviu Professional plan or higher.

How to connect your Coviu account with your Halaxy

You can sign up to Coviu and link your Coviu account to your Halaxy in the following way:

  1. Go to the Coviu website and sign up for a Professional Plan using the same email address that you use in Halaxy (Coviu Professional Plans can be integrated with other software).

  2. In Halaxy, click Settings > Integrations.

  3. Click the Edit (pencil) icon next to Online Consultation.

  4. Click the Link icon next to your name to link your Coviu and your Halaxy.

  5. You will be taken to a Coviu sign-in page. Sign in to Coviu to authorise the connection.

Your Coviu account and Halaxy are connected, which you can see listed under Clinical Integrations on your Settings page.

You can add practitioners in your practice listed on your Users page to your Coviu account, and connect them to your Coviu account and Halaxy. All practitioners connected to your Coviu account are shown in the Coviu section of your Integrations page.

Seeing patients online in Halaxy and Coviu

After you have linked your Halaxy and your Coviu account, you can make appointments for online consultations in Halaxy in the following way:

  1. From the Calendar, create an appointment in Halaxy and select the patient and fee.

  2. Change the appointment location to Online Consultation in the Location drop-down menu.

    In the Appointment Information panel, the user selects Online Consultation for the Location
  3. Save the appointment.


You can only select Online Consultation, Patient's/Organisation's Location or Other Address in the Location drop-down menu when creating or editing the appointment from the Calendar, not from the patient's profile.

RESULT: The appointment location is now saved as an Online Consultation, and will be shown as a hyperlink:


Click the hyperlink to enter the Coviu appointment session at the time of the appointment (clicking the hyperlink before the time of the appointment takes you to a screen that shows the appointment has not yet begun). Click the Back button on your browser to return to your Halaxy calendar after the end of your Coviu appointment session.


The hyperlink will only appear for future-dated appointments. If you do not see the hyperlink, ensure that the date and time of the appointment is scheduled in the future.

Sharing the Coviu session link with your patient

Each Coviu appointment session has a unique link which protects security and patient confidentiality. You can share the unique Coviu appointment link with the patient in the following ways:

  • from a reminder: customise your reminders for video consultations to include the video link as a dynamic term

  • If the patient's email address is listed on the General page of the patient's profile: click the Email (envelope) icon next to the Online Consultation hyperlink in the calendar. An email template will be created that automatically contains the link for the patient to enter the Coviu session. You will be able to preview and edit the email before sending.

  • If the patient's email address is not listed on the General page of the patient's profile: click the Online Consultation link. At the top of the page, copy the patient link address and provide it to your patient via your own email account, or click the Reminders (bell) icon in the Appointment Information to manually send a reminder containing the link to the patient.


You can also email the patient the Coviu appointment link via the General page of their Halaxy patient profile if they have their email address listed. Click the patient's email address to send an email to the patient and include the Coviu link.

Coviu rooms

Coviu rooms allow you to use the same link for all your online appointments instead of a unique link for each session. Rooms also give you access to tools such as screensharing, image sharing and the whiteboard feature.

Depending on your Coviu plan, you may have one or more rooms you can use.

You can configure Halaxy to use your Coviu room for telehealth appointments by following the steps below:

  1. Click Settings > Integrations.

  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon next to Online Consultation.

  3. Click the Edit (pencil) icon next to your name.

  4. The Edit Coviu Preferences pop-up appears. In the Team Name URL field, enter the link to your Coviu room.

  5. Tick the checkbox marked "Send Room URL". This will configure Halaxy to use your Coviu room instead of individual video sessions for each appointment.

  6. Click Save.

RESULT: Your online consultations will now use your Coviu room instead of individual video sessions. The email template sent to patients will also send patients a link to your room, along with any reminders you have configured to use the [Video Consult Link] dynamic term.

Disconnecting your Coviu account from your Halaxy

To disconnect your Coviu account from your Halaxy:

  1. Click Settings > Integrations.

  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon next to Online Consultation.

  3. Click the Unlink icon next to the practitioner you wish to disconnect.

Please email Coviu at if you want to deactivate your Coviu account.

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