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In Halaxy, invoices are automatically created whenever you select a fee for an appointment. When needed, you can also create manual invoices not linked to a calendar appointment for patients and organisations.

Invoices can be edited, deleted, customised, printed, and emailed. Payments and claims can also be processed straight from an invoice with one click of a button or automatically at a set time of day or even at a set time into the appointment. You can set your invoice letterhead template and template preferences so your invoices always display the information you need and exactly how you want them.

With invoicing, Halaxy does all the work for you, saving you significant time and streamlining your practice.


Halaxy allows you to send invoices to third-party organisations (such as an employer or health fund) instead of the listed patient.


Getting inquiries on what treatment and services you provide? You can first create a quote, which can later be converted into an invoice.

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Automatically create an invoice

With Halaxy, creating invoices is quick, simple and automatic.

To automatically generate an invoice:

  1. Create an appointment and add the patient name and a fee. Click Save.

  2. Click the Invoice link to view the invoice for this appointment.

  3. Your invoice automatically includes your information, the patient's stored information and the appointment fees. You can also process payments straight from the invoice.

Put simply, every time you create an appointment and add a fee, an invoice for that appointment is automatically created for you.

Manually create an invoice

If you wish to create an invoice that is not linked to an appointment, you can opt to create a manual invoice.

You can manually create an invoice in three ways:

From your invoices list

  1. Click Finances > Invoices.

  2. Click New Invoice in the top right corner.

From the patient's profile

  1. Go to the patient's profile.

  2. Click the Invoices tab.

  3. Click New Invoice in the top right corner.

From an organisation's profile

  1. Click Contacts > Organisations.

  2. In the list, click the organisation you want to invoice.

  3. Click New Invoice in the top right corner.

View an invoice

You can find your invoices in three different areas in Halaxy.

  • From the Invoices list

    Click Finances > Invoices and select an invoice from the list.

  • From the patient's profile

    Open the patient's profile and click the Invoices tab.

  • From the appointment

    Open a calendar appointment then click the Invoice link.

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