The Halaxy workflow for beginners

Halaxy is designed for you to run your practice entirely from your calendar – streamlining your operations with optimised efficiency to save an hour a day. Now that you have set up your practice details, you’re ready to start learning this Halaxy workflow.


Just by creating an appointment, you also:

  • Add a patient

  • Add a fee or service

  • Automatically create a clinical note for the appointment

  • Automatically create an invoice (where you can process payment)

  • Automatically schedule reminders for the appointment (if enabled)

With one quick action, you can complete the essential workflow of running your practice.

The Halaxy workflow: step by step

  1. On the top left, click the Halaxy logo to open the calendar.

  2. Click a timeslot on the date you want to create an appointment.

  3. In the panel that appears on the right, enter the following details:

    • Name: Type the patient's name.

      • If the patient already exists in your Patient List, the name appears in a dropdown. Click on the name to select it.

      • If this is a new patient, click Add (patient name) as a new patient. A pop-up appears for you to enter the patient’s details. When you’re finished, click Save to add this new patient to your Patient List and select them for the appointment.

    • Fees: Type the fee name or item number.

      • If the fee is already listed in Halaxy’s global fee database, it appears in grey. Click on the fee name to import it into your Fees List. Configure the fee details (e.g. Duration), then click Import Fee.

      • If the fee is not listed, click Add (fee name) as a new fee. A pop-up appears for you to configure the fee details. When you’re finished, click Add Fee to add this fee to your Fees List and to select it for the appointment.

  4. Click Save.

The outcome

  • The appointment is added to your calendar. You can move the appointment by clicking and dragging it to another timeslot or day.

  • You created a new patient and created/imported a fee. Click the patient’s name to quickly access their profile.

  • A clinical note is automatically created specifically for this appointment, ready for your use. Click Notes to add your case notes.

  • An invoice is automatically generated, ready for you to process payment. Click Invoice to view the invoice.

  • If enabled, reminders for this patient are automatically scheduled. Click the Icon-Bell.svg bell icon to manage SMS and email reminders for this appointment.

Add your patients and fees manually

If you would prefer to fully set up your account before accepting appointments, you can add all your patients and fees first. This allows you to instantly import patient and fee details when scheduling appointments.

To do this, see our guides below:


If you are migrating to Halaxy from another practice management software, you can import your data into Halaxy. See related article: Import your practice data to Halaxy

Your next steps

Here are some useful and recommended guides for your next steps.

  • Reminders: Set up and manage automated reminders to reduce your no-shows.

  • Payments: Configure how your patients make payments, and how you receive payments.

  • Patient Management: Learn how to manage patient profiles and their clinical records.

  • Calendar and Appointments: Manage and control your calendar easily and efficiently.

  • Online Bookings: Enable and set up online bookings for faster and more convenient scheduling.

  • User Management: If you have multiple practitioners in your business, learn how to add them to your Halaxy group and assign them to locations.

  • Account and Settings: Set up your Halaxy to work the way you want.


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