FAQ: Patient Communication

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Where can I view responses from my patients?

Open the patient’s profile and click the Icon-Mail.svg envelope icon to open the message history. The message history displays sent and received SMS messages. Only sent emails are displayed as Halaxy cannot access your ordinary email inbox.

Responses to appointment reminders also appear in your Notifications List. To view your notifications, click the Icon-Bell.svg bell icon in the top right.

How do I send a bulk email or SMS to my patients?

How do I set reminders and campaigns to send to contacts?

You can set this preference in the patient's contact record.

  1. Open the patient profile.

  2. Next to the contact name, click the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon.

  3. In the pop-up, for Receive reminders and campaigns, select Enabled.

  4. Click Save.

Alternatively, if you want communications to send only to the contact (and not the patient), you can either:

  • Change the patient and contact profile types to Dependant and Contact Only.

  • Remove the patient's contact email address from their profile.

How can I ensure that a contact receives one-off emails that I send to a patient?

There is an option to CC patient contacts whenever you email a patient.

How do I see communications that a contact received specifically as someone's contact?

In the Message History section of a contact's profile, tick the checkbox labelled Include all contacts. This will include communication sent to the contact that they received specifically as another person's contact. This can be useful if the contact is also an existing patient of your practice.

How do I get a list of all my patients' email addresses?

  1. Click Patients > Patient List.

  2. Click the Choose Columns dropdown to select which columns you want to include in the list. Make sure Email is selected.

  3. To export the list, you have the following options:

    • Export as CSV: Click the Icon-Export.svg export icon to save the list as a CSV file.

    • Export as PDF: Click the Icon-Printer.svg print icon, which gives you the option to save the list as a PDF file.

Why does my campaign have no recipients?

The recipient list for campaigns is only created when the campaign is scheduled to go out. If your campaign is created today, but scheduled to send at a later time, the list of recipients are generated at the scheduled time. This allows you to dynamically update campaigns without having to re-run the report you used to create the campaign.

For example: You run a report to generate a list of patients who have appointments in 5 days' time. If your practice is closed on Sundays, the report will generate 0 patients on Tuesdays.

If the campaign has already been sent and has fewer recipients than you expected, contact us to look into it further for you.

Where can I see a campaign's schedule?

Click Reports > Communication, then set the Report Type to Campaigns. When you run the report, the results display a list of your campaigns.

Campaigns that you have scheduled to run in the future will have a status of Scheduled in the campaign report list. The time that the campaign is scheduled to go out will appear in the Sent column of the campaign report list.

Can I change the date or time schedule for a campaign?

No. You must cancel the campaign first, then reset the campaign from the report list.

I sent out an SMS campaign but didn't have enough credits. What happens?

If you top up on credits, the remaining SMS messages will be sent over the next 24 hours. If you do not top up within 24 hours, Halaxy will not attempt to resend the messages.

We recommend using auto top-up to ensure that you never run out of credits.

If you do not want to send out the remaining SMS messages, you should cancel the campaign.

Will my email campaigns display the email addresses of all recipients?

No. The recipient only sees their own email address as the sole recipient of an email campaign.

A patient appears in a report more than once. Will they receive the campaign multiple times?

No. Even if a patient or contact appears in a report multiple times, they will only receive the campaign once.


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