Useful campaigns for your practice

The type of report you run and the filters you set as parameters determine the recipient list for your campaign. We have compiled the most widely-used examples of how to reach the audience you want using the Campaigns feature.


When you set campaigns to repeat, the audience is automatically updated every time. For example, if you set a campaign to repeat every day but to only send to patients with an appointment 2 days away, you'll only send the campaign to each patient once, because tomorrow's campaign will have a different audience!

Examples of campaigns



Report Category

Report Type

Additional parameters

Opening Hours or Announcements

All patients (or all patients at a particular location)


Case Load or Birthday

(Optional) Filter by location

Welcome / Introductory Pack

New patients about to attend their first appointment with the practice



Length equals 2 days before next booked/confirmed appointment

1 appointment total

Set campaign to recur every day

(Optional) Filter by Appointment Source or Location for different campaigns depending on whether the appointment is a phone consultation, booked online, etc.

(Optional) Attach a clinical tool or intake form

Appointment follow-up for re-engagement or thank you

Patients who have just had an appointment



Alt Date Range: Today

Schedule for the end of business hours

(Optional) Set campaign to recur every day

(Optional) Attach a clinical tool template to gauge customer satisfaction or track your patients' health

Different intake forms for patients with different introduction sources

Patients who were introduced to the practice by a specific method (introduction source)


Introduction Source

Filter by introduction source

Attach a specific patient intake form

Happy birthday!

All patients who have a birthday today



Alt Date Range: Today

(Optional) Set an age range

(Optional) Set campaign to recur every day

Please log in to the Patient Portal and complete your assigned clinical templates and questionnaires

Patients you have assigned a clinical template who have not yet completed them in the Patient Portal


Clinical Note

Filter for the template(s) you want the patient to complete

Filter for clinical notes in Draft status


Patients who haven't made an appointment in at least 3 months



Length equals 3 months or greater since last appointment

Without future appointments

(Optional) Set campaign to recur every month


Patients who made an appointment EXACTLY 6 weeks ago



Length equals 6 weeks since last appointment

WIthout future appointments

(Optional) Set campaign to recur daily

You need to renew your referral

Patients with a referral about to expire



Limit equals 1 appointment/hour remaining

Set Recipient to Patient in Campaign pop-up

(Optional) Filter for Next Appointment to capture only patients with an upcoming appointment

(Optional) Set campaign to recur every week or month

We require your payment details

Patients with an appointment in the next month



Alt Date Range: This Month

Attach intake form asking for payment details

(Optional) Set campaign to recur on the 1st day of the month

Communications to other health practitioners

Health practitioners you have received a referral from



Set Recipient to Professional Contacts in Campaign pop-up

Weekly health check / follow-up

Patients who have had a recent appointment



Alt Date Range: Last week

Attach a clinical tool template to gauge customer satisfaction or track your patients' health

(Optional) Set campaign to recur every week

Targeted campaign to patients from a specific postcode

Patients who have an address with a specific city, state or postcode



Filter for city, state or postcode (you can enter postcode in the city or state fields)

Your invoice is overdue

Patients with an overdue invoice


Unpaid Invoices

Filter for overdue invoices or number of days overdue


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