Import content into a clinical note


Reusing can sometimes be easier and faster than starting from scratch. If you want to create a new note using content from an existing note, you can do this by importing content.


GIF: Import the contents of an existing note into your new note (click the image to expand)


Importing an existing note will completely replace the contents of your current clinical note.


If you regularly reuse content for your clinical notes, try using clinical templates and tools to speed up your workflow!

Import content from an existing clinical note

  1. Open the clinical note.

  2. Click the down arrow to open the note options, then select Import.

  3. In the pop-up, select the clinical note with the contents you want to import. (Click the Icon-Preview.svg preview icon to preview the note.)

  4. To confirm, click Import.

Your current note now has the imported contents. Make sure to save your changes.

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