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Your Halaxy profile holds your practitioner information used for your directory listing and for your documents and communication. This information you enter also helps your patients learn more about you and helps Halaxy verify your practitioner profile.

Practitioners may add the following to their profile:

  • Full name ¹

  • Gender ¹

  • Contact email ¹

  • Registration numbers ¹ ²

  • Identifications ²

  • Legal sex ² ³

  • Sex assigned at birth ² ³

  • Pronouns ³

  • Professional description

  • Training status

  • Areas of expertise

  • Languages

  • Accreditations

  • Patient focus

  • Other services

  • Certifications

¹ Required for profile verification

² Not displayed in public directory

³ Optional fields that must first be enabled in group settings


Administrators have a profile, which contains only their name, gender and contact email address. Administrator profiles do not require verification.


Complete your profile to speed up your profile verification! With a verified profile, you can enjoy benefits such as the Halaxy directory, online bookings, Halaxy electronic payments, and paid add-ons.

Update your practitioner profile

  1. On the sidebar, click Personal > Profile.

  2. In the top right, click Edit.

  3. Complete your profile with your details.

  4. Click Save Profile.


Want to give your profile another personal touch? Upload a profile photo!


If your professional registration body is not available for selection, you can send a request to community@halaxy.com to have it added. In your request, please provide the name of the registration body, your profession, and country.


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