Add or change practice hours

Setting your practice hours at each location triggers a ripple of automations in Halaxy that save you time. 

If you have set your location practice hours:

  • When you create an appointment, the location is automatically determined based on the time you selected.

  • Because the location is automatically detected, the relevant invoice letterhead template and scheduled reminders are used for the appointment.

  • If you use online bookings, patients can only book appointments during your practice hours.

Just by setting your practice hours, the rest of your tasks are automatically personalised and customised for you.


If you practice at multiple locations, it's recommended to set different open hours colours for each location to organise your calendar! You can colour code your hours per location when you edit a practice location's details.

Set your practice hours

  1. On the sidebar, click Personal > Locations.

  2. For your location, in the Hours row, click the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon.

  3. In the Practice Hours pop-up, configure your schedule:

    • Frequency: Set the frequency of your schedule. (Example: If you have the same hours every week, select Weekly. If your schedule differs every other week, select Fortnightly.)

    • Week Starting: Enter the date this schedule takes effect.

    • Date Ending: If this schedule is temporary, enter the date on when this schedule finishes. If this schedule is ongoing, leave this blank. (Note: The date you set here is when the schedule is no longer in effect.)

    • Default Appointment Location: Select your preferred location type for this schedule. When you create an appointment on your calendar for this location during these hours, this location type is automatically selected in the appointment panel. This does not apply to online bookings. (You can also set different appointment locations for specific services.)

    • Default practice: If you practice at multiple locations, tick to make this location the default practice.

    • Week Hours: Click Add New to add new days to your week and set the open and close times for each day. (Example: If you want to add a break for lunch, add a Monday with 9am to 12pm, then add another Monday with 1pm to 5pm hours.) To remove a day, click the Icon-X-red.svg X icon.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Your calendar now shows your location's practice hours, indicated by the location's colour.


If you work at multiple locations, follow this process for each location.


By default, Halaxy displays time in your practice group's time zone. If you are in a different time zone from your practice group, you can change your account's calendar time zone to display your calendar, practice hours and appointments in your selected time zone.


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