Change an appointment status

The appointment status is used to label an appointment according to whether it is confirmed, cancelled, rejected or any other status. Appointment statuses help you keep track of your patient attendance.

Manually set an appointment status

  1. Open the appointment.

  2. In the Appointment Information panel, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

  3. From the Status dropdown, select the appointment status.

  4. Click Save.

To quickly preview an appointment’s status, simply hover your mouse over the appointment’s time label in the calendar.

Guide to appointment statuses

By default, Halaxy sets newly created appointments as Booked, which automatically update to Attended at the time of the appointment. There are other statuses available for a variety of purposes.


Time Label Colour



The patient has arrived for their appointment.

Must be set manually.




The patient attended the appointment.

By default, Halaxy automatically updates the appointment status to Attended at the time of the appointment. If you don’t want this to update automatically, change your appointment settings in Settings > General > Appointment Settings.




(If two-way reminders are not enabled, the label will have no colour.)

The appointment has been made in your calendar. This is the default status when you create an appointment.

If two-way reminders are enabled, Booked is the appointment status until a response is received from the patient. The status will change depending on the patients response.

If two-way reminders are disabled, the appointment status remains as Booked until the appointment time, then it automatically changes to Attended.


The appointment has been cancelled.

Depending on your calendar preferences, cancelled appointments may not be shown in your calendar, but the Cancelled status is listed next to a cancelled appointment in the Appointments List.

If you only set the appointment status as Cancelled, the appointment frees up the timeslot, but the invoice amount will remain at the original amount. To reduce the invoice amount to zero, you must cancel the appointment.

Check response*

Amber (requires action)


If two-way reminders are enabled, Check Response is set when a patient sends a response that does not begin with Yes, Y, No or N, or if the reminder failed to send.

Check the reminder activity by viewing the patient’s SMS response.




The patient has confirmed the appointment via two-way SMS reminder by responding with Yes or Y.


The practitioner has declined the appointment.

Must be set manually,

Did not attend

The patient did not attend the appointment (a.k.a. no-shows).

Must be set manually.


Amber (requires action)


The practitioner has not responded to the patient’s online booking request. The practitioner needs to accept or reject the online booking.

This status is not used by default. You can configure Pending to be the default status for online bookings in your online booking preferences.




The patient has rejected the appointment via two-way SMS reminder by responding with No or N.


The appointment has been rescheduled.

Must be set manually.

Note: Appointments that are rescheduled online are shown as cancelled and recreated rather than using the Rescheduled status.

Waiting List

The patient is on the waiting list. You can click Invite in the Appointment Information form to invite the patient to the appointment.

You can configure Waiting List to be the default status for appointments made via online booking.

*Automated statuses when using two-way reminders


Automatic reminders are only sent for appointments with a status of Scheduled, Booked or Confirmed.

Status colours for appointments

You can set your calendar preferences to display appointment time labels with colours to quickly indicate their status.

The following statuses assign colours to appointment time labels:

  • Confirmed / Attended

  • Booked

  • Check response / Pending

  • Rejected

If the Status Colour setting (in calendar preferences) is set to:

  • Show: The time labels for appointments without two-way reminders display a colour, indicating its status.

  • Hide: The time labels for appointments without two-way reminders will not display a colour for its status.

Appointments with two-way reminders always display time labels with colours, regardless if you select Show or Hide.


Status colours display only for appointments from the present day and onwards, while past appointments default to white.


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