Customise your reminder templates

Halaxy provides you with default reminder templates in your reminder settings. These include the practitioner's name, the appointment date and time, and the appointment location. If you want to change the wording in any of your reminders, you can fully customise each template to your own specifications. 


There are separate templates available for in-person, video and phone consultations.

Video tutorial

Edit a reminder template

  1. Click Settings > Reminders and expand the settings for the relevant group or practitioner.

  2. Under the Templates section, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon for the reminder type you want to edit.

  3. With the reminder type selected in the left panel, edit your SMS and/or email content.

  4. Click Save.


If your practice doesn’t need to send a particular reminder type, do not delete the text from the template. Instead, disable a reminder by simply editing your reminder preferences and unticking the SMS and Email preference for that reminder type.

Overview of the reminder template editor

  1. Reminder types

    On the left panel, select the reminder type you want to edit for each type of consultation. The first section includes templates for in-person appointments, invoice emails and waiting list invitations. Video consultation reminders are used for appointments with their location set to either Halaxy Telehealth or Online Consultation. Phone consultation reminders are used for appointment locations set to Phone Consultation.

  2. Template editors

    Use these template editors to customise your reminder content.

    • SMS template

      To insert a dynamic term, click to position the cursor in the SMS message, then click the dynamic term on the right to insert. Click Preview to see a character count and credit cost estimates of your SMS reminder.

    • Email template

      Email reminder templates can include images and text formatting options. You can also insert the dynamic term [Appointment Link] for the patient to view an online appointment summary that allows them cancel or reschedule online.

Additional notes on reminder templates

  • The templates for video consultation reminders can add the dynamic term [Video Consult Link] to include a link to the video session. This dynamic term is based on the video consultation link entered in the appointment’s details.

    Patients can click this link on the reminder to access to the video session.


    If you select Halaxy Telehealth or Online Consultation (with Coviu integrated) as the appointment location, the video consultation link is automatically generated for you.

  • SMS reminders cost 1 credit per 160 characters. If your reminder is longer than this, an additional credit will be charged for every 153 characters. Make sure to enable automatic top-up of credits so you never have to worry about your reminders not being sent out.

    There is no charge for receiving patient responses.

    The maximum length for an SMS message is 800 characters. However, SMS reminders with over 466 characters are more likely to be rejected by telecommunications providers, so it is strongly recommended that you keep your reminder content shorter than this.

    To preview the final character count and credit cost of a reminder:

    1. From the calendar, open the appointment.

    2. In the Appointment Information panel, click the Icon-Bell.svg Reminders icon.

    3. Hover your mouse cursor over the Icon-Magnifying-Glass.svg Preview icon. The actual reminder’s text, character count and credit cost appear in a preview.


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