Create and sell packages

Packages are multiple fees that are bundled together and offered to patients or organisations. You can group services and products in a package as a treatment plan, or offer multiple appointments at a discounted rate.

Offering packages at your practice can provide benefits, such as:

  • Driving an increase in bookings and revenue

  • Providing discounts to patients as incentive

  • Creating curated treatment plans for patients

  • Adding visibility for your services.

For added flexibility and control, packages can even be configured to be booked by patients at any or specific locations and practitioners.


GIF: An example of a package available on a practitioner's profile

Create a package

  1. Click Finances > Fees, then click the Packages tab.

  2. On the top-right, click New Package.

  3. Under the New Package section, configure these settings:


    Image: An example of a package that can be claimed with any practitioner at a specific location

    • Level: Select who can sell this package. (This determines which locations and practitioners can offer the package in their online profile or add the package to an invoice.)

    • Validity: Select the locations and practitioners with whom the package fees can be booked. (Some options will be unavailable, depending on the Level selected.)

    • Name: Enter a name for your package. This appears on invoices and (if enabled) your online bookings page.

    • Description (optional): Enter a quick description of the package.

    • Status: Select the availability of this package. (Archived packages cannot be purchased or added on to invoices.)

    • Enable for online purchase: Tick this checkbox to make this package available for purchase in the online bookings page. If unticked, the package can only be sold through manually adding it to invoices. (Note: Online bookings must be enabled to use this feature.)

    • Type:

      • Packaged: The total amount of the package invoice is determined by you, regardless of how much the individual fees cost. (This is set in the Amount and Tax fields.)

      • Itemised: The total amount of the package invoice is calculated on the sum amount of the individual fees you select. (This is set in the Fees section.)

    • Amount / Tax / Total:

      • If you set Type to Packaged, set the amount for the entire package. This overrides amounts of individual fees added to the package.

      • If you set Type to Itemised, this is automatically calculated based on the amount/s you set in the Fees section.

  4. Under the Fees section, configure the following:

    • Fee: Enter the fee (service or product) to add to your package.

    • Quantity: Set the quantity for the fee.

    • Amount: If you set Type to Itemised, set the amount for each individual fee. (Example: If you are offering 5 sessions for a $100 consultation, the amount should be $100, not $500.)

    • (Optional) To add other fees, click Add Another Fee. You can add as many fees of any type as you need.

  5. Click Save Package.

Your package is now ready for purchase.

Sell a package

  • Automatically online

    By offering packages on your online bookings page, patients can select and purchase packages themselves.

    1. Click Finances > Fees, then click the Packages tab.

    2. In the list, click the package you want to sell.

    3. For Level, configure where you want this package to be available for purchase. (The package can be visible for the whole practice group, for specific locations, or specific practitioners.)

    4. Tick the checkbox Enable for online purchase.

    5. Click Save.

    This package can now be purchased online on your practice or practitioner profile, according to your Level setting.

    To book appointments from their package, patients must book the same fees indicated in their package.


    If you are selling packages online and allowing patients to book their own package appointments, make sure that the visibility for the package fees are set to Public. Learn about fee visibility.

    If your online bookings page uses appointment types linked to the package fees, make sure your patients know to book the appropriate appointment types as these will be visible instead of the fee (even if the fee visibility is set to Public).


    If you require upfront payment for online bookings, patients who are booking fees from their package automatically skip payment when booking online.

  • Manually on invoice

    If you don't offer packages online, packages can be manually added to an invoice billed to a patient or organisation.

    1. Click Finances > Fees, then click the Packages tab.

    2. At the top-right, click Create Invoice.

    3. In the New Invoice pop-up, configure the settings:

      • Practitioner and Location: Select the practitioner and location to issue this invoice.

      • Invoice Type: Select Package.

      • Package: Select the package.

      • Recipient: Select whether the package will be billed to a patient or organisation, then enter the patient’s name or organisation name.

      • Patient / Organisation: Enter the patient’s name or organisation name.

    4. Click Save.

    Your package invoice is generated and now ready to be processed. After the invoice is paid, you can start booking appointments for this package.


    Can't find the package to add to the invoice? Check the package's Level setting as it may be available only for specific locations or specific practitioners.

Book package appointments

There are two ways to book appointments for a package.

  • From the invoice

    1. Open the package invoice. Next to each fee, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

    2. In the Edit Invoice Line pop-up:

      • Date: Enter the appointment date.

      • Add appointment: Select Yes.

      • Appointment Details: Enter the time and duration (optional) of the appointment. Click Check Availability to verify that the target appointment time is available to book.

    3. Click Save. The appointment date will now appear in the package invoice for the corresponding booked fee.

  • From the calendar

    1. Click Schedule > Calendar.

    2. Create an appointment for the patient who bought the package invoice. Add a fee included in the package they bought. (Note: This must match a fee included in the package.)

    3. Click Save. Because the patient’s name and fee match the details in the package invoice, the package is automatically noted in the appointment panel. The appointment date also appears in the package invoice for the corresponding booked fee.



The package appointments can only be booked with the practitioner and the specified location linked in the package invoice.


Save time and let patients book their own appointments! If you have online bookings enabled, patients can claim their package items by booking the same fees indicated in their package. (If the package is only valid with specific locations and/or specific practitioners, make sure to instruct them accordingly for their appointments to count towards their package.)

Cancel a package appointment

  1. Open the package invoice.

  2. Next to the appointment you wish to cancel, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

  3. In the pop-up, under Appointment Details, click on the Remove icon to unlink the appointment from the invoice, then click Save.

  4. Next to the same appointment, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon again.

  5. For Add Appointment, select Unassigned.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Save. The appointment has now been unlinked from the package invoice.

  8. To remove the appointment entirely, delete or cancel the appointment from the calendar.


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