Set a due date for invoices

In Halaxy, you can set invoice due dates and automatically email invoices on the day they are due, along with a payment link for patients to make their payments. This process is completely automated and provides a hands-free experience for following up on overdue invoices. 

Setting invoice due dates is optional. If you don’t set a due date, invoices are never marked as overdue. If a due date is set, it will be displayed at the top of the invoice.


Invoice due dates are shown in financial reports such as invoice report and income report. Unpaid invoices reports can be filtered by whether an invoice is overdue and by how many days invoices are overdue.


Need to chase up payments? You can set up automatic follow-up emails for unpaid and overdue invoices.

Set a default invoice due date

Default invoice due dates can be set at a group, clinic or individual practitioner level. To set the default due date, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Settings > Payments.

  2. Under the section Invoice Due Date, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon for the setting you wish to edit. (If you do not see the level you want, click Add New.)

  3. In the pop-up, configure the following:

    • Level: Select the level you wish to set a due date setting for.

    • Invoice Due Date: Select Enabled.

    • Default Due Date: Set the time period after the invoice date you wish to make it due. (To make the invoice due date the same as its issue date, set this period to 0 days.)

    • Send on Due Date: Select Enabled if you want to automatically email invoices on the set due date. This is useful for following up on overdue invoices. (Select Disabled if you prefer to email invoices individually or not send any emails at all.)

    • Payer: Select which invoices to automatically send on due date.

    • Exclude fees (optional): Any due invoices containing these selected fees will not be automatically sent.

    • Communication template (optional): Select the communication template as the content for the email.

  4. Click Save.

Due dates are now displayed in your invoice header.


If you have multiple due date settings, the more specific level takes precedence. For example, if you set both a group due date and an individual practitioner due date, that practitioner’s invoices will apply the individual due date setting.

Set the due date for an individual invoice

To change the due date for any specific invoice, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the invoice.

  2. At the top-right, click the Icon-Settings.svg Settings icon to open the invoice settings.

  3. In the pop-up, change the date in the Due Date field.

  4. Click Save.

The due date for this invoice now displays in the invoice header.


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