Add Medicare details for patients

By entering a patient's Medicare details in their profile, you can process their Medicare or DVA claims online instantly. This also allows you to claim for bulk billed appointments.


Store your patient's bank account details in their profile, so their Medicare and DVA rebates are automatically deposited there as well!


Does your patient have someone claiming rebates on their behalf? You can add a Medicare claimant to your patient's Medicare claim details.

Add patient Medicare claim details

  1. Open the patient profile and click the Funding tab.

  2. In the Funding page:

    • If a patient has already been booked for an appointment with a Medicare fee, the Medicare record already appears. Click the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon to add the patient's Medicare details (card number, individual reference number and expiry date).

    • If Medicare is not yet listed, click New Claim in the top right right to add Medicare as a claim for the patient.

  3. (Optional) Add a claimant for any person claiming rebates on behalf of the patient, such as a parent, spouse or guardian.

  4. Click Next.

Once added, verify the patient's Medicare details to ensure rebates are paid as soon as possible.

To edit the patient's Medicare details, click the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon.


If a patient's appointment fee is a Medicare fee, the patient's Medicare details can be quickly added from the appointment information panel and on the invoice. Adding Medicare details from these areas also stores the patient's Medicare details in their profile.


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