Add derived fees

A derived fee is a fee that is calculated as a percentage of another fee. The Halaxy preset fee database includes derived fees for several funding bodies that you can import, depending on your profession. If the derived fee you want to use is not available in the preset database, you can manually add the derived fee to your Fees List.

Derived fees are set to 0.00 by default, so you must manually calculate its charge and rebate amount and set it in the invoice. This means you are responsible for using the correct percentage calculation of your derived fee.


For a list of item numbers for Medicare fees, please refer to the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

Add a derived fee to your Fees List

  1. Click Finances > Fees.

  2. On the top right, click New Fee.

  3. In the New Fee page, for Lookup, type the fee name or item code.

    • If the fee is in Halaxy's database, select it from the dropdown to import it, then click Save Fee.

    • If the fee is not in the list, proceed to step 4 to manually add the fee.

  4. Configure the following:

    • Item Number: Enter the item number for the derived fee. Make sure to use the correct item number to be able to successfully process your claim.

    • Pricing: Set the derived fee's price and rebate to 0.00.

  5. Enter the rest of the fee details as required.

  6. Click Save Fee.

Set derived fee pricing on an invoice

  1. Open the appointment invoice.

  2. Under Fees & Charges, click Add Another Fee.

  3. For Fee, select the derived fee from the list.

  4. Enter the Amount and Rebate. You must manually calculate and enter the amount and rebate of the derived fee. (Note: Medicare will always pay the correct amount on their benefits schedule, as long as the derived fee has the correct item number.)

  5. Click Save.

The invoice is now saved with your derived fee and is now ready to be processed.


Medicare online claiming will not allow you to submit a derived fee of $0.00, even if that is the expected amount. When submitting a claim with a derived fee, ensure you set a non-zero fee amount for the derived fee and that the rebate amount is equal to the fee amount (Medicare will calculate the expected amount and correct this in processing, even if you make an error).

When Medicare pays for these item numbers, your Medicare payment report will show that one fee is paid out at $0.00 while the other fee is paid out at the claim value for both fees, balancing your claim.


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