Set fee colours

Assigning colours to fees and services helps you easily identify them on your calendar.

Here are some examples for colour-coding fees:

  • Green for all initial consultations and yellow for regular consultations

  • Purple for appointments for Funder A, orange for appointments for Funder B and green for appointments for funder C

Different appointments in the calendar are shown with different colours based on fee

Image: Examples of fee colours applied in the calendar


By default, patient appointments are shaded blue, and online bookings are shaded green.


For readability, use a light text colour on a dark background, or use a dark text on a light background.

Set colours for fees

  1. Click Finances > Fees.

  2. In the Fees List, click the fee to open it.

  3. Under the Fee Details section, set the Appointment Colour(for the background) and Text Colour. You can select a preset colour or use the colour picker. The Appointment Preview displays what your fee will look like in the calendar.


    GIF: Selecting an appointment colour for a fee

  4. Click Save Fee.

All appointments booked with this fee are now shaded with your selected colours on the calendar.


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