How do I set my default location to Online Consultation?


You can set the default appointment location type (in-clinic, phone consultation, online consultation or home visit) for any schedule you add on your Locations page so that any appointments you create within those hours will default to a phone consultation, online consultation, home visit or in-clinic appointment. This saves you from having to manually change the location of appointments on the Calendar and automatically uses the correct reminder template.

You can create multiple schedules with different default appointment location types as needed - for example, you can have one schedule for your physical office hours and another for your online consulting hours at the same practice.

To set your default appointment location type:

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. Under the location where you want to edit your schedule, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to Add Another Schedule.

    The edit icon next to Add Another Schedule is highlighted under a practitioner
  3. In the Appointment Location Type drop-down menu, choose whether you want the default location for appointments to be your physical address, Phone Consultation or Online Consultation.

    The Appointment Location Type drop-down menu is shown. Online Consultation is selected.
  4. Click Save.

RESULT: Whenever you create an appointment within the hours set by this schedule, the location will default to your selection and the appointment will use the appropriate reminder templates for physical, online or phone consultations. You can manually change the location for any individual appointment as needed.

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