Fee Categories


Fee categories allow you to assign categories to your fees. Fee categories will be shown on your finance reports, so you can use fee categories to gain better oversight of your practice. You can also assign fee categories to go to different revenue charts of accounts in your integrated accounting package.

Depending on the type of practice you are running, every profession will have different fees. With Halaxy, we have a pre-defined list of fee categories for you to use when creating your fees. You can also create your own fee categories.

Assigning a category to a fee

You can assign categories to a fee when creating or editing a fee. To assign a category:

  1. Click Finances > Fees.

  2. Click the fee you want to edit (or click New Fee in the top-right to create a new fee).

  3. In the Category drop-down menu, select a category:

    On the Fee edit screen, a drop-down menu labelled Category is selected.
  4. Click Save Fee.

RESULT: The fee will now appear in the selected category in finance reports.

Creating and editing fee categories

To view your list of fee categories, click Settings > General. In the Appointment Settings section, click View All next to "Fee Category List".

In the Appointment Settings section, next to "Fee Category List", "View All" is highlighted

You will have the option to select preset categories and to create your own.

The Edit Fee Categories page. The Group Fee Categories and Add Category button are highlighted.

To create your own Fee Category, click Add Category and type the name of the fee category in the text field that appears.

Once you have created your fee categories, set them to Active by ticking the checkboxes next to them. If you do not wish a fee category to appear when editing or creating a fee, untick the checkbox.

RESULT: When creating or editing a fee, you will be able to assign any category marked as Active to the fee.

Assigning fee categories to different revenue charts of accounts in your accounting package

If you have integrated your accounting package with Halaxy, you can assign different fee categories to go to different revenue charts of accounts in your accounting package.

To do this:

  1. Click Settings > Payments.

  2. In the Accounting section, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the desired accounting package.

  3. In the pop-up that appears, click Add New under "Revenue chart of accounts".

    Halaxy fee categories are on one column; Xero charts of accounts are on the other.
  4. In the left-hand column, select the Halaxy fee category.

  5. In the right-hand column, select the revenue chart of accounts you wish to sync revenue from the selected fee category to. The available options are based on the settings in your accounting package.

  6. Click Submit.

RESULT: Revenue from fees in the selected fee category will be synced into the selected revenue chart of accounts in your account package.

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