Guide to patient profiles

A patient profile is a record of all information that your practice has on a patient, which includes personal, contact, appointment, clinical and funding information. Whenever you add a patient to Halaxy, a profile is created for them. Patient profiles help you manage and keep track of every patient you treat at your practice.


GIF: Example of opening a patient profile from the calendar


If the name is linked, open the profile with a click! You can quickly open a patient's profile by clicking their name anywhere in Halaxy, such as the calendar, an invoice, or the Patient List.



Image: A patient profile on Halaxy with the section tabs highlighted

Each patient profile consists of several tabs designed to store and manage different information.

Refer to the table below for the directory of patient profile tabs and what you can do with them.




The main page of the patient profile. In this tab, you can:

Tip: Want to add more information to display on patient profiles? You can customise patient profiles to your preference.

Clinical Notes

This tab stores clinical records or treatment history for this patient at your practice. This includes:

Clinical Dashboard

This tab displays a customisable overview of your patient's health recorded over time. By using clinical tools, you can use the dashboard to track and display the recorded data.


This tab stores the patient's details for payment, claims and referrals.


This tab contains a list of all invoices billed for the patient's treatments.


This tab contains a list of the patient's entire appointment history at your practice.

Social History (if enabled)

This tab contains the patient's social history information. If enabled, this can be included in patient intake forms and sent to the patient to complete.

For more information on managing the different sections of patient profiles, click the links in the table.


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