Guide to reports

Reports help you learn about your practice and finances in detail. By tracking activity and performance, reports provide valuable insight for making decisions and keeping your practice efficient.


Running the same report regularly? Save time while keeping tabs with recurring reports.



In Halaxy, there are different categories for reports, which you can find in the sidebar:




Tracks a range of financial performance parameters such as income, profit and loss, expenses, and unpaid invoices.


Generates a list of daily Medicare payment and processing reports. (These are automatically generated, and cannot be manually run.)


Creates a list of patients based on set filters.


Creates a list of appointments based on set filters.


Creates a list of referrals based on set filters.


Tracks all communication sent by your practice using Halaxy.

Every report you run in Halaxy can be edited, filtered, deleted, and saved to a report list in each category.

You can view your saved reports from these category pages.

Run a report

  1. On the sidebar, click Reports, then click a category under it.

  2. On the top right, click New Report.

  3. Select the Report Type and set your filters.

  4. Click Run.

  5. Your report results are displayed in a list. From here, you can:

    • Edit filters: In the top right of the report, click the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon.

    • Save report: At the bottom of the report, click Save. This saves the report to its report category list.

    • Close report: At the bottom of the report, click Cancel. This closes the report without saving it.

Manage saved reports

When you view your saved reports under a category (e.g. Reports > Appointments), there are a number of ways to sort, search and manage your reports.



Search reports

At the top of the report list, type any search term in the search bar to find what you are looking for.

Sort and filter the report list

Click the column heading arrows and titles to sort and filter the report list.

Customise report list view

In the top right, click Choose Columns to select the columns you want to show or hide in the report list.

You can also click and drag columns to any position you want in the report list.

Edit a report

Open the report from the report list. In the top right, click the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon.

This allows you to change filters and parameters for your report.

Export or print a report

Open the report from the report list. In the top right:

  • To export to a CSV file, click the Icon-Export.svg export icon.

  • To print the report, click the Icon-Printer.svg printer icon.

Use report for campaign

Open the report from the report list. In the top right, click Set as Campaign.

This uses the report results as a target audience for an email or SMS campaign.

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Delete a report

Open the report from the report list. In the top right, click Delete.

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