Automated Bulk Bill, Medicare and DVA Processing


In addition to letting you process bulk bill, Medicare and DVA rebates individually or through batch processing, Halaxy lets you completely automate your rebate and bulk bill processing so that it occurs a specific time into each appointment (for example, 20 minutes after the appointment has begun) or at a specific time each day.

Processing a claim costs 1 credit; there is no charge for rejected claims.

You can choose to automate processing at a group level, clinic level or individual level.

To set up automated processing:

  1. Click Settings > Payments.

  2. In the Scheduled Rebate Processing section, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the Group level to set the default automated processing settings for everyone in your practice group. If you want to set up different preferences for specific locations or individual practitioners, click Add New and select Clinic or Individual as appropriate.

  3. Select when you want to process rebates and bulk bills:

    1. If you want automated processing to occur a certain time into the appointment, select the number of minutes in the “mins into the appointment” drop-down menu;

    2. If you want automated processing to occur at a specific time each day, set the time in the "each day" drop-down menus.

  4. Click Save.

RESULT: Rebates and bulk bill claims will now be transmitted to Medicare or DVA according to your settings. If you have set Clinic or Individual preferences, these will override the default Group settings at those levels. Changes will apply to all future invoices.

When the rebate will not be processed

Rebates are processed for invoices containing a Medicare fee where the appointment status is Attended, Arrived, Booked or Confirmed. This means if your patient does not attend their appointment, the rebate or bulk bill will not be automatically processed. It also means no Halaxy credits are charged for the processing.

For patient-paid Medicare claims, the rebate will only be processed if payment is received or the invoice is marked as paid.

To ensure rebates are processed successfully, make sure a patient's referral is up to date. Note that your Halaxy credits are refunded for unsuccessful claims.

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