Create your own clinical note template

If you frequently create clinical notes with using the same format or structure - such as appointment notes, letters or reports - you can create a clinical note template that you can use as a starting point. This saves times from recreating the same note from scratch.

You can also use additional features to speed up your work:

  • Dynamic terms: By using dynamic terms, your clinical note always uses the relevant and personalised information, no matter who uses it.

  • Snippets: Create and insert reusable content (such as text, links or images) that you frequently use.


Clinical note templates are used for clinical notes with primarily text-based input. If you are looking to create forms, questionnaires and annotatable images, you can create a clinical tool.

Create a clinical note template

  1. Click Settings > Clinical.

  2. On the top right, click New Template.

  3. In the modal, under Create New, click New note template.

  4. In the template editor, configure the following:

    • Template Name: Enter a title to label your template so you can quickly find it in your template list.

    • Description: Enter a short description for your template. The description appears when you hover your mouse over the template in the template list.

    • Category: Select the category for your template to appear under in the template list. You can create your own category.

    • Status: Select whether this template is Active or Archived. Only Active templates can be used in clinical notes.

    • Content: Enter the contents of your clinical note template in the template editor. Use the toolbar to format your text, insert dynamic terms, insert snippets and add images.

  5. Click Save.

When you refresh the page, your clinical note template is saved to your template list in Settings > Clinical, and ready for use in your clinical notes.


If you'd like instant access your most used templates in your clinical notes, try using Favourites!


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