Getting started in Halaxy

The first step to unlocking the power of Halaxy is to set up your practice details.

Based on the information you enter, your invoices, reminders and appointments have been automatically set up for you, and are ready to go. This means you only enter your details once, and the correct information will automatically appear everywhere you need it.


If you are migrating to Halaxy from another practice management software, you can import your data into Halaxy. See related article: Import your practice data to Halaxy

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Set up your practice: step by step

You must first configure your practice and business details before you can start taking appointments. Select the tabs below to see how to do these steps.

      • When you create your Halaxy account, the practice group name defaults to your full name when you sign up. The practice group should be the name of your practice, whether that’s Dr. Smith Psychology (sole practitioner) or Halaxy Health Clinics (an organisation with one or multiple locations).

        Setting up your practice group also includes setting default details such as country, state, timezone, currency, tax rate, and date/time format.

        To set up your practice group, follow the steps below.

        1. On the sidebar, click Settings > General.

        2. Under the Group Settings section, click Edit.

        3. In the pop-up, configure the default or main settings for your practice. (If you have or will eventually have multiple locations, you can set up their own details later.)

        4. Click Save.


        If your practice has locations in different countries, it is recommended to create separate practice groups for each country.

      • When you set up your location, you also set up your address, business details and operating hours. When you create your Halaxy account, your first location automatically defaults to your full name when you sign up. You can edit your location details anytime.

        1. On the sidebar, click Personal > Locations.

        2. First, set up your address and business details. Under your location, click Edit.

        3. In the Update Practice Information pop-up, you can edit your location name and enter all your business details. (Note: Under Phone Numbers, you can enter separate numbers for every practitioner added to this location. If you don't select a practitioner, the number will be assigned to the location.)

        4. Click Save.

        5. Now, set up your practice hours. Under your name, click Add Another Schedule or the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon.

        6. In the Practice Hours pop-up, enter the hours you practice at this location. (Operating hours for locations are configured per practitioner.)

        7. Click Save.

        For more detailed information on setting up your location/s, see our articles: Set up and manage locations and Add or change practice hours


        Your business details – such as your Tax ID, address, and website – are required for getting your practitioner profile verified.

      • Add your contact email, identifications, professional qualifications, areas of expertise and other credentials. The details you enter here appear on your practitioner profile in the Halaxy directory (if enabled).

        1. On the sidebar, click Personal > Profile.

        2. In the top right, click Edit.

        3. Enter your contact and professional details.

        4. Click Save Profile.


        Your full name, contact email and AHPRA (if you are a medical practitioner) are required for getting your practitioner profile verified.

      • If your practice has multiple practitioners, you can easily add them to your Halaxy practice group then assign them to locations.

          1. On the sidebar, click Settings > Users.
          2. For your practice group, click the Icon-Add-User.svg add user icon.

          3. In the pop-up, enter the user's details, select their role type, configure their access settings and assign them to their practice location/s.

          4. Click Save.

        The practitioner is now added and can start creating appointments.

Your next step

You’ve finally set up your practice and you’re now ready to get appointments up and running – well done! We recommend these articles to help you get started.

  • Basic workflow for beginners (recommended): Quickly learn how to use the Halaxy workflow to optimise the efficiency of any healthcare practice. You can cover scheduling appointments, adding patients, creating fees and invoicing – all in one simple process.

  • Get your profile verified: Have you completed all the requirements to verify your practitioner profile? Once verified, you can enable online bookings, process payments electronically on Halaxy, and purchase Halaxy credits for add-ons.

  • Set up two-factor authentication (2FA): Add an extra layer of security to your practice records by activating 2FA.


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