Change your user time zone

Your user time zone dictates how you view dates and times in your Halaxy account, including calendar, appointments, scheduled automations, and create/edit dates and times of Halaxy records.

When you set your account to your current geographical time zone, Halaxy automatically converts dates and times to display in your user time zone. This is especially handy if you are in a different time zone from your practice group or location, such as when traveling or practicing telehealth remotely!


Changing your account time zone affects your account only.

Set the time zone for your user account

  1. From the calendar, in the top right, click the Icon-Settings.svg cogwheel icon.

  2. In the Calendar Preferences pop-up, for Time Zone, select the time zone for how you want to display time in your Halaxy account. (To remove the time zone, click the Icon-X-red.svg red x icon.)

  3. Click Save.

When you view your calendar, your practice hours and appointments now display according to your set time zone, which is always indicated at the top of your calendar.


Example of viewing your calendar hours after changing your user time zone (click the images to zoom)


If there is no account time zone selected, your time zone defaults to the practice group's time zone, which is set in Settings > General.


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