Create an event

An event is an activity you can mark for the whole day without blocking out a specific timeslot. Some examples of events include: rubbish collection, Christmas party, tax deadline.

Events appear at the top of your calendar for quick viewing.



Events do not block off your day as unavailable. Your practice hours (including for online bookings) remain the same even when you add an event. If you need to block some time off your calendar, set custom hours to your day.

Add an event

  1. Open the calendar.

  2. On the date you want, click the Icon-Pushpin.svg push pin icon.

  3. In the pop-up, for Level, select who can view the event on your calendar.


    Example: All users at the selected clinic can view this event on the event creator's calendar

  4. Configure the rest of the details for your event.

  5. Click Save.


Your event is now added to your calendar. Hover your mouse over the event to quickly view the event details.

To edit, click the event, make your changes, then click Save.

Delete an event

  1. From the calendar, click the event to open it.

  2. In the bottom right of the pop-up, click Delete.

  3. To confirm, click Delete.

Your event has been deleted.


Deleting an event cannot be undone.


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