Manage your lists and reports

Lists are a common feature in Halaxy to display stored records, with examples such as your patient list, appointment list, invoice list, and more.

You can customise any Halaxy list to show information the way you want when you view, print or export it. Both lists and report results can be exported if you need to download copies for your records.

Using lists optimally not only speeds up your workflow, but it also enables you to take control and stay on top of your practice data.


Adding to your lists is a breeze on Halaxy. In the top right of every list, you'll find a button to add a new entry.

Search a list

Every list in Halaxy features its own a search bar above it. Type any search term in the search bar to filter the list for matching records.


Image: Use the list search bar to find specific record/s (click to expand)


List search is different to the Halaxy search bar.

Sort a list

To sort a list by column, click the column heading to switch between sorting types.

  • Icon-Arrow-Up.svg Up arrow icon: Ascending / lowest to highest / oldest to newest

  • Icon-Arrow-Down.svg Down arrow icon: Descending / highest to lowest / newest to oldest

  • No icon: Not sorted


GIF: Sorting a list column (click image to expand)

Filter a list

To filter a list, click the Icon-Menu.svg three lines icon on a column heading and select your filter, then click Apply. You can filter multiple columns, if needed.

To remove the filter for a specific column, click the Icon-Menu.svg three lines icon on the filtered column again and click Reset.

To remove all filters, click Reset All Filters.


Image: Filtering a list column (click image to expand)


A filtered column is always indicated with a Icon-Funnel.svg funnel icon on the column heading.

Customise your list view

  • Rearrange columns

    Click any column and drag it to any position you want in the list.

  • Customise columns

    On the right, click the Columns panel and tick/untick the checkboxes to show/hide columns for your list.

    Alternatively, you can also drag columns headings away to quickly delete them from the list.

  • Column width

    Click the Width dropdown and select your preferred column width setting.

    Alternatively, you can click and drag column lines to resize them.

  • Entries per page

    Click the Height dropdown to select how many entries you want to display per page in a list.

  • Pin column

    You can pin one or more column to the left edge of the list, so it stays put when you scroll horizontally.

    To pin a column, click and drag a column heading to the left edge of the list and hold until a Icon-Pushpin.svg pin icon appears.



    Your list view customisation will be remembered for future use.

    Export and print lists and reports

    On the top right of any list or report:

    • Click the Icon-Export.svg export icon to export the list/report as a CSV file.

    • Click the Icon-Printer.svg printer icon to generate a PDF of the list/report that can be saved, downloaded, or printed.


    Image: Export or print a list using the buttons in the top right of any list (click image to expand)


    Because patient lists can have thousands of records, printing all records at once may cause your account to time out or slow down. Due to this, patient lists are designed to print or export only what is on the current page onscreen. This includes the number of entries on the page, any filters used and columns enabled. If you have a large volume of patient records, it's recommended to set the list Height to Auto size, which allows you to print or export 500 records at a time.


    You can easily copy or export selected data from a list by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer across the cells you want, then right click and select copy or export.

    Configure print settings for lists

    You can customise your formatting and layout preferences for whenever you print or export a list. To open the list print settings, in the top right, click the Icon-Settings.svg cogwheel icon.

    Print settings for list include:

    • Page Orientation: Select if you want the pages in Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal) orientation.

    • Text Wrapping:

      • Wrap text: Automatically adjust the text to display within its column width.

      • Unwrap text: Text does not wrap and truncates if it is longer than the column width.

    • Page Size: Select the size of the paper or page for printing or exporting your list.

    • Font Size: Select the size of the font of your list data.


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