Manage your Patient List


Your Patient List allows you to view all your patients, navigate to their profiles, and use it as a database to search, filter or download.

To access the patient list, on the sidebar, click Patients > Patient List.

User clicks Condensed Table, removing white space. User clicks Choose Columns to filter the list.

GIF: Customising a list in Halaxy (expand image)


Practitioners on Personal Access settings can only view their own patients in the Patient List.

Add a new patient to the Patient List

To add a new patient to your Patient List:

  1. On the sidebar, click Patients > Patient List.

  2. On the top right, click Add Patient.

  3. Enter the patient's details in the form.

  4. Click Save.

For more details, see this article: Add new patients

Customise your Patient List

Your Patient List can be customised to display only the information you want, in the way you prefer.

To customise your Patient List, you can:

  • Rearrange columns: Click and drag column headings to the position you want.

  • Select information to display: In the top right, click the Choose Columns dropdown to select which columns you want to display in your Patient List.

  • Sort the list: Click on the arrows on the column headings to sort information.


Any list on Halaxy can be searched, filtered, sorted, printed and downloaded! For more guides on customising your Patient List, see our article: How to use lists and reports on Halaxy

Export or print your Patient List


Image: Export or print a list using the buttons in the top right of any list (click image to expand)

  • Click the Icon-Export.svg export icon to export the list/report as a CSV file.

  • Click the Icon-Printer.svg printer icon to generate a PDF of the list/report that can be saved, downloaded, or printed.


If you are using Mailchimp to send newsletters and campaigns to your patients, you can export your Halaxy Patient List to create a Mailchimp audience. For detailed instructions, see this article: Connect Mailchimp to Halaxy

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