Send an individual email or SMS to a patient


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While you can automate sending reminders or invoice emails on Halaxy, you can also send a one-off email or SMS to a patient anytime. SMS and email are fully integrated so you can do all your patient communication within the Halaxy platform.

Email or SMS a patient

  1. Open the patient's profile.

  2. Under the Contact Details section, click the patient's email address or phone number.

  3. In the pop-up, you have the following options:

    • Select a practitioner and communication template for your message.

    • Email only: You can attach a file, add a subject line, and add CC and BCC email addresses.

    • SMS only: Select whether the SMS is one-way (recipient cannot respond) or two-way (recipient can respond). To send a two-way message, you must have a dedicated number subscription.

  4. Click Send.

To view responses from your patient, click the Icon-Mail.svg envelope icon on their profile to open your message history with the patient. To view all responses to two-way SMS messages, click the Icon-Bubble.svg speech bubble icon in the top right.


Your message history displays sent and received SMS messages. Only sent emails are displayed as Halaxy cannot access your email inbox.

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