Manage visual settings

The Visual Settings page lets you select and apply themes to your Halaxy, set the default font size, and how the sidebar behaves. This provides some accessibility options and lets you customise how you want your Halaxy to look.

Visual settings only apply to your individual account. They do not apply to other users in your practice group.

The user cycles through different preset themes on the Visual Settings page

Change your visual settings

  1. Click Personal > Visual Settings.

  2. Configure the following:

    • Themes: Select the colour theme to preview it. (Note: Themes do not affect the appearance of your clinical notes, invoices, and templates.)

    • Font size: Select a size option to preview it. (Note: Your selected font size does not apply to appointment labels on your calendar.)

    • Sidebar: Toggle the switch to expand or collapse the sidebar categories by default.

  3. Click Apply to save your settings.


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