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Two-way syncing allows you to synchronise your Halaxy calendar both ways between Halaxy and your iCloud, Google, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365 calendars.

With two-way syncing, you can edit your Halaxy appointments from your external calendar application and have the changes appear on Halaxy. This gives you complete freedom to add and cancel your appointments even when you're not at your computer.

Two-way calendar syncing is an add-on feature that requires a monthly credit subscription of 25 credits per month per practitioner. Subscription renews every 30 days and can be cancelled anytime.


Appointments with linked clinical notes or an invoice will not be deleted in Halaxy if removed in your external calendar.


Your two-way calendar sync subscription is free if you reach the Silver, Gold or Platinum payment bands and remain within these bands.

Set up two-way calendar syncing

Enabling two-way calendar syncing is a simple process: first, purchase the add-on subscription, then add the calendar integration.

For step-by-step instructions, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Settings > Integrations.

  2. Under the Calendar Integration section, click Buy Calendar Synchronisation.

  3. In the pop-up, your current credit balance and the cost of the subscription is displayed. Click Purchase to buy the subscription.

  4. Now that you've purchased the subscription, you must now set up the two-way sync. Back in the Settings > Integrations page, under the Calendar Integration section, click Add Calendar Integration. (Note: Administrators can purchase subscriptions on behalf of practitioners, but only practitioners can set up the two-way calendar sync.)

  5. Click the calendar service you wish to sync with Halaxy and follow the prompts to complete the set-up process.

  6. After you've completed the set-up, you will see a new calendar label on your external calendar application named HX_(Practice Group Name). This is your Halaxy calendar.


Appointments you make or edit in this calendar (up to 201 days into the future) will sync to and appear in the calendar in your Halaxy account. When you create a new appointment in your calendar app, make sure to add it to this calendar.

It can take a few hours before you first see appointments start to sync across. Only new and future appointments from the day you set up two-way syncing will be synced to your external calendar.


You can sync multiple practitioners' calendars to the same external calendar application. If you wish to sync a different practitioner's calendar, another two-way sync subscription is required and the additional practitioner's calendar will appear as another HX_(Practice Group Name) calendar. You can rename these calendar labels to minimise confusion.


If the HX_Practice Group Name calendar in your external calendar application is hidden or otherwise marked as inactive, your appointments will not sync across.

Confirm appointment deletion from external calendar

If you delete more than 3 appointments from your external calendar, you must confirm the deletion to sync the changes to your Halaxy calendar.

  1. When you delete appointments in bulk in your external calendar, you can review the changes in two ways:

    • In the top right, click the Icon-Bell.svg bell icon to open your notifications and click Review appointments.

    • On the sidebar, click Settings > Integrations. Under the Calendar Integration section, click the Icon-Sync.svg sync icon.

  2. In the pop-up, select the appointments you want to delete from your Halaxy calendar. To select all appointments, click the checkbox next to Appointment.

  3. To confirm, click Delete.

Your selected appointments are deleted from your Halaxy calendar. Large number of appointments may take a few minutes to be deleted.

Troubleshoot two-way calendar sync issues

If you are encountering issues with your two-way calendar sync, refer to this table for quick troubleshooting.



My appointments from my external calendar are not appearing in my Halaxy calendar.

You may be creating your external calendar appointments as an event under one of your personal calendar labels. Make sure you are creating your appointments under the HX calendar label.

My appointments from my Halaxy calendar are not appearing in my external calendar.

Possible causes:

  • The sync is not yet complete. After you've added the calendar integration, the sync may take 1 to 2 hours to complete.

  • The HX calendar in your calendar application might be set to deactivated/hidden. Make sure this calendar is currently active.

I need only one sync but now I have multiple HX calendars in my external calendars.

Every time you disconnect then reconnect a calendar integration, it will add the integration as a new calendar in your external calendar application labeled with the current date. Only the old calendar will have your past appointments and only the new calendar will sync new and future appointments.

I bought the subscription but I can't see the Add Calendar Integration button.

You might be logged in as a different user. Though you can purchase subscriptions on behalf of another user, you cannot add their calendar integrations to their accounts.

My external calendar appointments do not appear in Halaxy as patient appointments.

New appointments created in your external calendar will appear as personal appointments in your Halaxy calendar. To change them to patient appointments, you must edit them from Halaxy.

I can't sync with my Apple iCloud Calendar.

Some non-Apple apps may ask you to sign in with your Apple ID to access your iCloud calendar information. To make sure your Apple ID can't be compromised, Apple requires an app-specific password, which you will use to sign in with your Apple ID.

To learn how to generate an app-specific password, see this support article from Apple.

If your two-way sync issue is still not resolved after troubleshooting, email our support team for assistance.


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