Remove users from a location

If a user no longer works or practices at a location, you can remove them so that they can no longer create appointments at that location. Depending on their access level, removing a user may also remove their ability to see a location’s practice or financial information.


When you remove a user from a location, they are deactivated only for that particular location. If they are leaving your practice group, you can deactivate the user at a group level.

Remove a user from a location

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. Under the relevant location, next to the name of the user, click the Icon-Bin.svg delete icon.

  3. Select your removal type:

    • Archive: Deactivate the user from the location but retain their access to view their own records.

    • Block: Deactivate the user and remove their access to all records at this location. Clinic Restriction must be selected in their access level settings.

    • Delete: Remove the user from the location completely. You can only delete a user if they have no associated records (such as appointments or invoices) at the location. Deleting a user from a location cannot be undone.

  4. Click Archive / Block / Delete.


Archiving and blocking a user can be undone. To do this: click the Icon-Undo.svg undo icon next to their name and select Unarchive or Unblock.


If a practitioner has seen a patient at a location, you can only archive them from a location, but not delete them.


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