Manage your product inventory

On Halaxy, you can manage and track your product stock and inventory all in one place, giving you full control and insight to your operations.

Products are items you buy for your practice that you:

  • Use to treat patients or to run your business (syringes, rubber gloves, cleaning supplies)

  • Sell to patients (supplements, fitness gear or certain supplies you charge to the patient)

Whenever you purchase products, add them to your product list so you’ll always know how much stock you have on hand and how much you’ve sold.


Sell your products with ease and automate your product inventory! If you link a fee to a product, the quantity balance for that product is automatically deducted whenever you add the fee to an invoice.

Add a new product

  1. Click Finances > Fees then click the Products tab.

  2. In the top right, click Add Product.

  3. Enter the following information:

    • Name*: Enter the product name. If it is a product that you sell to patients, use a name that is clear and easily identified.

    • Code: Enter a code for the product. (Similar to invoice numbers, this allows easier tracking, but is purely optional.)

    • Category: Enter a category of the product. (Examples: Stationery, Medical Supplies, Clinical Aids)

    • Supplier: Enter the name of the product supplier. If the supplier exists in your Organisations list, select their name in the dropdown. If not, select Add as a new organisation.

    • Status: This is set to Active by default. If you are no longer using or selling the product, you can set the status to Archived.

    • Date: Enter the date that you purchased the product.

    • Quantity*: Enter the number of products that you bought, or have in stock when you first enter the product.

    • Cost: Enter the amount you paid for the total quantity you are adding and select the relevant tax option. Based on the total cost and quantity, the cost per unit is automatically calculated and displayed.

    • Add Expense: Tick this checkbox to automatically add an expense record for every purchase of this product.

    *Required information

  4. Click Save.

You have now added this product to your product list. If this is a product you offer to patients, see our article on how to sell products on Halaxy.

Restock a product

If you want to track your product purchases with reports, we recommend restocking with an expense record. If you do not want your product purchase to appear on reports, you can restock without an expense record.

  • With an expense record

    1. Click Finances > Expenses.

    2. Click Add Expense.

    3. Enter the details of the restock purchase. Make sure to specify the product name, quantity and amount paid.

    4. Click Save.

  • Without an expense record

    1. Click Finances > Fees then click the Products tab.

    2. In the product list, click the product you want to restock to open its record.

    3. Under the Transaction History section, click Add Product Transaction.

    4. Enter the details of the restock purchase.

    5. Click Save.

Track your product inventory

You can track the stock balance and transactions for a specific product in your Products list.

  1. Click Finances > Fees then click the Products tab.

  2. In the product list, click the product to open its inventory record.

In the product inventory record, you can:

  • Edit the product details

  • Track or adjust the product stock balance

  • Restock the product

  • View the fees linked to the product

  • View purchase and sales history

  • Archive the product

  • Delete the product.


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