Create or cancel an appointment from a package

If a patient has already purchased a package, you can book or cancel their package appointments for them.


Automate the entire package process - from payment up to booking appointments. By enabling packages for online purchase, patients can buy their own packages from your online bookings page and even book their own package appointments right away! Learn more about packages.

Book package appointments

There are two ways to book appointments for a package.

  • From the invoice

    1. Open the package invoice. Next to each fee, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

    2. In the Edit Invoice Line pop-up:

      • Date: Enter the appointment date.

      • Add appointment: Select Yes.

      • Appointment Details: Enter the time and duration (optional) of the appointment. Click Check Availability to verify that the target appointment time is available to book.

    3. Click Save. The appointment date will now appear in the package invoice for the corresponding booked fee.

  • From the calendar

    1. Click Schedule > Calendar.

    2. Create an appointment for the patient who bought the package invoice. Add a fee included in the package they bought. (Note: This must match a fee included in the package.)

    3. Click Save. Because the patient’s name and fee match the details in the package invoice, the package is automatically noted in the appointment panel. The appointment date also appears in the package invoice for the corresponding booked fee.



    The package appointments can only be booked with the practitioner and the specified location linked in the package invoice.

    Cancel a package appointment

    1. Open the package invoice.

    2. Next to the appointment you wish to cancel, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

    3. In the pop-up, under Appointment Details, click on the Remove icon to unlink the appointment from the invoice, then click Save.

    4. Next to the same appointment, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon again.

    5. For Add Appointment, select Unassigned.

    6. Click Save.


    The appointment has only been unlinked from the package invoice. If you need to remove the appointment entirely, make sure to delete or cancel it in your calendar as well.


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