Customise your online booking confirmation email

When you confirm an online booking with a patient, they receive a confirmation email with the details of their appointment. You can further customise the content of this email by using images, text formatting and dynamic terms.


Want to reduce no-shows? Attach an Add to Calendar link in your confirmation emails to patients. By saving their appointment details to their device calendars, patients can be mindful of upcoming appointments and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Edit your confirmation email for online bookings

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. Find the practice location and relevant practitioner. Next to Online Bookings and Profile Preferences, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

  3. Tick the Customise confirmation email checkbox.

  4. The email subject and email body fields appear, where you can edit the content include images, text formatting or dynamic terms.

  5. Click Save.

When you confirm an online booking, the patient receives this confirmation email.


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