Manage appointment settings

Your appointment settings configure your appointments the way you want them, enabling you to better manage your appointments in your calendar.

By default, appointment settings are configured for your entire group. Halaxy also gives you the flexibility to configure different appointment settings for each location or practitioner.

You can easily locate your appointment settings by going to: Settings > General > Appointment Settings section.


Add or edit appointment settings

If you edit your current group settings or want to create new appointment settings for a location or an individual practitioner, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. Under the Appointment Settings section, next to your group name, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon to edit your group settings. If you want to add new settings for a location or practitioner, click Add New.

  3. In the pop-up, configure the settings:

    • Level: Select Clinic or Individual, then select the location or practitioner to apply these settings. (if adding new settings)

    • Automatically mark appointment statuses as attended:

      • Enabled: Appointment status automatically updates to Attended at the time of the appointment.

      • Disabled: Appointment status do not automatically update and are set manually.

  4. Click Save.

Manage cancellation reasons

When an appointment is cancelled, you have the option to specify the cancellation reason for your record-keeping and reporting purposes, giving you full oversight of your practice. Halaxy provides a pre-set list of cancellation reasons, and you can also add your own.

To manage your appointment cancellation reasons, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. Under the Appointment Settings section, next to Group Cancellation Settings, click the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon.

  3. Under Preset Cancellation Reasons (on the left), tick or untick the reasons you want to include in your cancellation reasons selection when an appointment is cancelled.

  4. Under Custom Cancellation Reasons (on the right), click Add cancellation reason to create your own.

  5. Click Save.

Once you have created your cancellation reasons, set them to Active by ticking the checkboxes next to them. If you do not wish a cancellation reason to appear when you cancel an appointment, untick the checkbox.

Manage appointment types and tasks

Under Appointment Settings, you can set up your appointment types and tasks by clicking the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon beside them.

Manage fee categories

Under Appointment Settings, you can view and set up your fee categories by clicking View All beside it.

Fee categories are shown on your finance reports, giving you a full overview of your practice data. You can assign fee categories to go to different revenue charts of accounts in your integrated accounting platform (such as Xero, Reckon One or Quickbooks).


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