FAQ: Calendar

If you are experiencing issues with calendars, you may be able to troubleshoot these issues yourself first. If your issue is still not resolved, you can contact Halaxy for assistance.


Why can't I see my appointments? They have disappeared from my calendar.

Your calendar may be using filters to view schedules for specific locations or view specific practitioners. Your calendar filters are located at the top-right of the page. Ensure you have selected the relevant physical locations as well as the location type (home visit, video consultation and/or phone consultation).

If you still cannot see your appointments, please update your browser. Older versions of Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported in Halaxy and are no longer supported by their manufacturers.

How do I change the length of the time blocks of the calendar?

At the top of the calendar, click the Icon-Zoom-In.svg Zoom In and Icon-Zoom-Out.svg Zoom Out icons. The minimum time block is 5 minutes and the maximum is 90 minutes.

I added a new receptionist to my practice group. Why can’t they view my calendar?

You haven’t assigned them to your practice location yet. Go to Personal > Locations and add the user to the relevant location.

Can I sync my Halaxy calendar to my phone / Google / Outlook / iCloud calendar?

Yes. Halaxy offers one-way calendar syncing for free and can be enabled for any calendar app that uses the iCal format, which includes iCloud, Outlook, Google and Calendar for Mac. Changes made on your Halaxy calendar reflect in your personal calendar app.

Halaxy also offers two-way calendar syncing between Halaxy and iCloud, Google, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365 calendars. Change made on either of your calendar reflect both ways.

How do I turn off online booking temporarily for a day or week?

Depending on your purpose, you can make one-off changes to the calendar by: adding custom hours, blocking out calendar dates for leave, or creating a temporary schedule.

Why is my calendar not syncing automatically?

With one-way calendar syncing, Halaxy can only provide appointment details when an external calendar makes a request for it. That means one-way syncing is reliant on the external calendar to make the request for the information. Unfortunately, some external calendars do not do this frequently, and this is outside Halaxy's control.

For a more reliable service, consider using two-way calendar syncing instead.

If you would prefer to use one-way syncing, try deleting your synced calendar in your external calendar (such as iPhone, Outlook, Google or Mac) and set up the one-way sync again. You can then update the external calendar with this new one. This may kickstart the sync request and temporarily solve the issue.

Why has my appointment reverted to the default colour on the calendar?

With Halaxy, you are able to assign colours to fees so you can easily identify appointments using that fee on your calendar. When this fee is added to an appointment, it will appear in the calendar with that colour.

However, if you add more than one patient to an appointment, the colour reverts to the default navy blue colour. This is because each patient can be assigned a different fee.


Image: An appointment's colour changes when a second patient is added (expand image)

If you want a group appointment to retain its colour on the calendar, the best option would be to use appointment types. The colour assigned to an appointment type takes priority over fee colours.

How do I add breaks to my calendar?

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. If there is more than one clinic, choose the clinic that the break applies to and click the Expand (+) icon next to the name of the practitioner.

  3. Click the Edit icon next to Hours.

You can create day-long breaks by setting the hours for the day as Closed.

You can add breaks during parts of the day by setting open hours around the break time.

For one-off breaks, add a personal appointment for the time that you have a break.

I'm currently traveling and in a different time zone. How can I display my calendar appointments in my current time zone?

Change your account time zone, which applies only to your individual account when you are logged in. You can change your account time zone back anytime.

In the top right of your calendar, open your calendar preferences by clicking the Icon-Settings.svg cogwheel icon. In the pop-up, set your Time Zone to the time zone you are currently in. When you click Save, your calendar and appointments display times according to your current time zone.

IMPORTANT: Any appointment you create in the calendar will be in your current account time zone. For example: You are based in Sydney, and you change your account time zone to Paris time while traveling. If you create a 9:00 AM appointment in your calendar, this will be 9:00 AM in Paris time, not Sydney.


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